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The Face Margaux Brooke Exclusive Blog: Week One

February 13, 2013 01:10 PM by Christine McDow

The Face hopeful, Margaux Brooke, is blogging exclusively for SheKnows.com this season on what is happening that the show airs, as well as what really was going on behind the scenes. Keep reading to see what Margaux Brooke has to say about arriving to the loft and what happened during the very dramatic week one. To find out everything that happens, click on the link below to read her exclusive blog.

Margaux Brooke admits that joining her idol, Coco’s team, was great, but turning down Naomi Campbell was a big scary. She also admits that she knows that the claws would eventually come out between the girls, but so far, it hadn’t. She is just waiting for it to happen.

After long days competing, Margaux Brooke can only describe Naomi Campbell as “enraged” when it came down to one of her girls going home. What exactly happened? Read Margaux Brooke’s exclusive blog on SheKnows.com now to find out!

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