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Solange Knowles Attends Beyonce’s Documentary Premiere Sans Pants

February 14, 2013 04:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

We’re not sure when the red carpet pantsless trend made it big or why this fashion crime became a trend in the first place, but it looks like Solange Knowles was eager to try it out. She showed off a pair of tone legs at the documentary screening for Super Bowl performer, former American Idol guest and proud big sis Beyonce.

Last night marked yet another important event for Beyonce, who welcomed friends and family members to the premiere of the highly-anticipated documentary Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream.The release of this documentary takes place in the midst of what has been a huge year for the singer, what with singing at President Obama’s inauguration as well as a halftime performance at the 2013 Super Bowl. And of course, we can’t forget the anticipated release of a new Destiny’s Child album, an upcoming event that has Beyonce fans beyond excited.

Beyonce’s obviously a big deal…and then there’s Solange Knowles. While she has achieved a modest level of career success, Solange hasn’t even come close to approaching the superstar status thrust upon her sister. She claims to not struggle with jealousy surrounding her Beyonce’s success, but it seems like Solange was especially eager for attention at last night’s screening. Solange stole the spotlight in a rather controversial outfit that included a dress shirt, a stylish pair of strappy heels…and no pants. Keep in mind that this was a red carpet event, with fellow attendees donning elegant dresses and suits.

What do you think of Solange Knowles’ movie premiere outfit? Is her lack of pants stylish, sexy or tacky? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below!

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Photo Credit: HBO

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2 Responses to “Solange Knowles Attends Beyonce’s Documentary Premiere Sans Pants”

  1. Independent Says:
    February 14th, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    The outfit looks horrible. Maybe she is trying to get attention to make up for her lack of talent, fame and fortune

  2. Shareen Says:
    February 20th, 2013 at 6:05 am

    Beyonce “Life is But a Dream’ HBO Documentary
    At first I concluded that this chick is so self indulged she made it from an angle of a personal diary seeing very little interaction with her and other people, some really unnecessary scenes of other random peoples characters. However as it progressed and she emphasised her point of not wanting people in her business and how she feels about celebrity culture and not knowing how much to share with her fans, I began to feel the style it was made in was justified. She has protected herself from celebrity culture like no other and it’s admirable. Also the show where she complains about the stage not being all white in the background I watched that full performance a few weeks ago and became a massive fan instantly. Her voice still doesn’t captivate me but on a performance level she is freaking outstanding and I loved every song that I barely knew. To now learn that all her latest music is her own personal venture away from her dad, again I’m really admirable. With my latest obsession with Heidi and Spencer who are reality stars who want people in their business for having no specific talent I now conclude there is room for the likes of them even more so. Bring on reality stars that love people in their business and let us let true artist like Beyonce be artist. I also thought of how this documentary is going to look in years to come and I love it, it’s pure class and maintains her dignity. I was shocked by how stiff and rude she was with the people that work alongside her (real Diva) but she immediately explained and I can I relate to that statement about politeness and business not matching. I did wonder though if her girly perception of life is like bla bla bla to Jay Z as she clearly doesn’t have a really significant hardship type story to tell that people can relate to but I guess for a thug that’s a perfect wifey – lol and naturally I love her passion for God and the testimony of Jesus cause on that level I can relate. Also after watching that recent performance that made me an instant fan, I really was thinking “is she a man hater, why is she so lyrically geared to Independent women” etc, and again she explained that in a nutshell; sisterhood is her philosophy in life and I like and respect that. Beyonce clearly also loves Jay Z madly and I wouldn’t be surprised if that has caused a feud with her and her family especially as she gives him credit for her breaking away and becoming her own true artist and I’d imagine her parents were real possessive about her career. So overall I enjoyed it, got a bigger insight into who she is and I love Beyonce!


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