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Survivor: Caramoan — Francesca Hogi Says This Season Has Big Moments She Can’t Wait To See

February 15, 2013 01:59 PM by Ryan Haidet

Francesca Hogi admits that she’s not very good at Survivor — and it doesn’t bother her one bit.  In fact, she hasn’t even watched the seasons she’s been a part of saying she has no desire to see herself on television.  After getting voted off first when she originally competed on Survivor: Redemption Island, producers gave her a second chance on Survivor: Caramoan — Fans Vs. Favorites.  That second chance was cut short instantly as she made history by becoming the first person voted out for the second time in a row.  In an exit interview with reporters, Francesca said that while she didn’t watch her the premiere that she might be tuning in for parts of this season because there are “some really interesting things that happen” that she wants to see for herself.  This would indicate something major is set to happen in the pre-jury portion of the game as the other early eliminated players join her in island limbo and dish the dirt on what was going down.  Typically, castaways who are booted in the first half of the game stay at a base camp before they are taken to a new location once the jury starts coming together.  Unless somebody who lasted deep into the game told her something about how the season plays out, I expect these big moments to take place within the next few episodes.  What else did she have to say?  Jump inside this story for our extended chat with Francesca!

Question: Did you watch the premiere episode?

Francesca Hogi: I did not.  I didn’t watch Redemption Island either.  I don’t have any interest in seeing myself on television.  So, yeah.  That’s why.

Question: Now that you’re eliminated and you don’t have to see yourself, will you be tuning in to see how the rest of the season plays out?

Francesca Hogi: There are some really interesting things that happen and there’s some things that I’d like to see with my own two eyes.  So, I will probably watch at least some of this season, if not all of it.

Question: Were you blindsided by the vote or did you know it was coming?

Francesca Hogi: By the time we left for Tribal Council I knew that things were not so good for me and by the time we had the vote, I wasn’t 100 percent, but I knew it was a good chance I was going.

Question: What was the first thing that went through your mind when you were voted out?

Francesca Hogi: It’s probably like, “Oh shit!  Here we go again.” (Laughs)

Question: What have you learned about Survivor having been voted off first both times you’ve played?

Francesca Hogi: (Laughs) I learned that Survivor is not the game for me.  Yeah, I don’t know.  I guess I’ve learned that I think the qualities that make me bad at Survivor are qualities I actually like about myself and value.  So, I’m OK with being bad at Survivor. …  I’m OK with being the first person out.  I think that since I was first out the first time, I think for me, going out first is better and more symmetrical than going out like second or third or fourth (laughs).  I get to be the polar opposite of Sandra (two-time winner) and now every other person who has ever played Survivor is on a spectrum somewhere between me and Sandra.

Question: Did you have any reservations when they asked you to come back and play again?

Francesca Hogi: Yes I did.  I’m really, definitely in the minority of Survivor contestants in that I did not leave the game the first time wanting to play the game again.  In all my interviews (after season 22) when I was asked “Would you play again?” I said no.  I also thought that I won’t be asked so I don’t really have to think about this.  But yeah, I did have reservations.  When they first called me about the possibility of playing again, I figured they’re never gonna cast me, this is not gonna happen. …  I was pretty surprised that it happened and in the future I won’t make that mistake again.

Question: When you got the phone call to come back, did you know immediately that Phillip was going to be back, too?

Francesca Hogi: I don’t know if Phillip is the first person or thing that I thought about, but I certainly was not surprised to see him there.  I would have been more surprised if he had not been there.

Question: Was your return to season 26 the first time you had seen or interacted with Phillip since the Survivor: Redemption Island finale?

Francesca Hogi: I saw him at some reality Survivor event at some point.  The couple times that I had seen him since we played on Redemption Island, he was pleasant enough to me.  He was fine.  We didn’t have much of an interaction.

Question: Looking back, do you feel you were too preoccupied with Phillip?

Francesca Hogi: I didn’t feel that I was preoccupied with Phillip at all.  To me, trying to vote out Phillip like that was just an easy vote because he is just annoying to everyone.  He’s not that strong in challenges.  Obviously I don’t like Phillip, but I wasn’t like, “I’m going to take him down.”  I don’t care.  It’s not that serious for me.  He has a lot more rage toward me than I have toward him.  No, I don’t feel like I was preoccupied with him at all.

Question: If Phillip makes it to the end, do you think anybody would ever vote for him to win?

Francesca Hogi: I think Phillip is the kind of player if he ever made it to the end again, given his personality and how insufferable he is, I think he could get votes just because people are like “I gotta respect the fact this guy was able to get himself in that position.”  But it’s very difficult for me to imagine Phillip ever winning Survivor.  I just think that he’s entirely too unlikeable.

Question: Do you buy Phillip’s explanation that he purposely mispronounced your name during the first season you played together?

Francesca Hogi: Oh God no.  That’s poppycock (laughs).

Question: What was your strategy going in this time around?

Francesca Hogi: This time it was different because obviously I knew people I was playing with.  My strategy was to have an alliance of people I could trust and I could work with.  I thought that I had that.  I thought that people like Cochran, Dawn and Andrea, I could trust them and we all could work together.  I thought since I wasn’t targeting them, they wouldn’t have any reason to target me — and I was wrong.

Question: What was the opinion on Malcolm since nobody had ever seen him before?

Francesca Hogi: Definitely day one, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, but I know that I was saying, “This is the guy.  This is the devil that we don’t know.  He might be someone that we don’t want to keep around for too long.”  But he also has the benefit of being a young, fit guy and we were kind of outmuscled by the fans, overall.  No one would have gone for voting Malcolm out first.  That was just not even on the radar.  That wouldn’t have gone over too well.

Question: If the opportunity popped up, would you go back and take on the game again?

Francesca Hogi: No.  I wouldn’t.  No.  I’m done playing Survivor, it’s not the game for me.

Question: Who do you think is the biggest threat on the favorites tribe?

Francesca Hogi: Malcolm, I think is definitely a threat because he’s a really good player.  He’s in a very good position because no one is targeting him.  Everyone feels like they need him and he’s a really likeable guy.  No one has seen him play so no one really knows what they’re getting with Malcolm.  I think Cochran is in a good position because he’s extremely self-deprecating, which really enables him to ingratiate himself with people.  He’s got the whole three-legged dog thing going on, so everybody feels sorry for him.  There are plenty of seasons where someone has gotten sun burned to the degree that he did where he was basically like incapacitated for a couple of days.  He had a fever, his feet were swollen and couldn’t walk very well.  The fact that no one ever even considered voting him out in that weakened state, shows that he’s definitely doing something right.  There are a lot of strong players there.  It’s anyone’s game at this point — except for Phillip’s.

Question: Knowing now what has happened, do you regret coming back to play the second time?

Francesca Hogi: Regret is a pretty useless emotion, so I don’t really let myself regret too many things.  So, no.  I’m sure that there are a lot of lessons to be learned here from this experience.  I don’t know exactly why it happened, but I’m sure that reason will reveal itself at some point (laughs).  No, I don’t regret it.  I don’t regret it.

What are your thoughts on Francesca’s comments?  Are you surprised she didn’t watch either season she participated on?  Do you feel bad that she was the first person voted off both times she’s played or do you think she had it coming?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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