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The Bachelor Recap: Havoc And Heartbreak On The Hometown Dates

February 18, 2013 07:59 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week, we watched as Sean Lowe finally rid himself of the drama on The Bachelor, and with only four ladies remaining, tonight we watched the hometown dates. But what happened when some of them did not go as well as Sean had hoped? Tonight, Sean Lowe made his hardest decision to date!

The Bachelor kicked off the hometown dates in Houston, Texas as Sean Lowe headed to meet AshLee Frazier’s family. First, AshLee and Sean enjoyed a champagne picnic, where AshLee revealed to the viewers how much she loves Sean – she was completely giddy over the thought of her bringing Sean home to meet her parents. They talked about their future, and AshLee was still in awe of how Sean always manages to say the right thing at the perfect time.

AshLee’s parents were all smiles, but as soon as they sat down for lunch, Sean immediately got grilled by her father, who wanted details of what the couple have done thus far. Sean spoke to her mother alone first, who proved to be very overprotective of AshLee. AshLee’s father immediately asked Sean if he was in love with his daughter – awkward! Sean avoided answering that question by telling AshLee’s father that he was “crazy about her.”

The overall visit went extremely well, and ended with AshLee’s father telling Sean the story of how he fell in love with his daughter. It was a heartwarming moment, which left AshLee smitten.

Next up it was Catherine Guidici’s turn as Sean arrived in Seattle, Washington. The pair take some time on the town, tossing fish around, visiting photo booths, and just having a good time. These two definitely reek of being completely comfortable together – like they have known each other for years. Catherine, however, gets her hopes squashed when her sisters won’t even give her a chance to gush about him, instead they grill her on getting engaged.

Sean then makes the mistake of asking Catherine’s sisters if she is ready to settle down, and they go into a long conversation about her past relationships, and how she needs someone who can “handle her messiness and moods.” Catherine’s mom seemed okay with Sean, but when he tried to get her approval for her hand in marriage, her mother’s response was “we’ll see what happens,” but the poor guy wanted it before he left.

The entire visit was awkward and made Sean (and Catherine) question what the future could hole for them.

Lindsay Yenter was up next as Sean arrived at Fort Leonard Hood, Missouri. Lindsay kicks off by telling the cameras that if the date goes well, she will be telling Sean that she loves him. Lindsay and Sean stroll the town, enjoy some cupcakes, and then have some silly fun. Lindsay dresses Sean up in some Army wear, and they get giddy as they prepare to meet her parents.

Cue the parents. Lindsay looks so much like her mom, and she definitely has her mother’s fun sense of humor! Lindsay’s parents were definitely the coolest of the bunch so far, despite her father being an Army General. When Sean talks to Lindsay’s mom, she gives him her stamp of approval – she loves to see her daughter so happy. Although he was nervous about meeting her dad, Lindsay’s father proves Sean wrong, and gives him his blessing should Sean decide to ask Lindsay to marry him.

By far, they seem to be the best fit as far as in-laws are concerned for Sean, and Lindsay confirms that she is falling madly in love with Sean.

Finally, it’s off to Los Angeles, California to meet Desiree Hartsock’s parents. Des brings Sean out to a canyon for a hike to kick off her hometown visit. Then they go back to her place, where the two of them prepare dinner for her family. Before her family gets there, Desiree gets a visit from appears to be an old boyfriend – yikes! Something about the whole thing appeared contrived, but Sean’s emotions weren’t – he was clearly annoyed, wondering if he should just leave. But then Des revealed some shocking news to Sean – she tricked him!

Desiree’s parents approve of Sean, but her brother is not so sure. He is convinced that there is no way it could work out between them. Des’ brother pulls Sean aside and tells him that he is not crazy about him, and the insults continue. He calls Sean a “playboy,” accusing him of playing with his sister’s heart. Clearly, her brother does not believe a single thing that Sean said. Sean is visibly upset by the visit, telling the cameras that he feels Desiree’s brother is calling him a fraud. Des knew immediately that something was wrong – can you say awkward dinner?

The date was awful, and it left Des very shaken and upset. The visit made Sean question whether or not she could be his future wife.

Sean then ponders what to do – shirtless, yay! He then seeks the advice of Chris Harrison, as he is concerned which girl he will send home – Desiree or Catherine.

The Rose Ceremony
Sean tells the girls that he has a tough decision tonight, and he will choose the girls who he feels that he can spend the rest of his life with. Desiree then pulls Sean aside to talk without the others, where she apologized for her brother’s rude behavior. Des cries and they hug it out.

AshLee gets the first rose. Lindsay, not surprisingly, also gets a rose. As Catherine and Des stand there about to burst into tears, Sean walks out of the room momentarily. He looks at their photos and tells Chris Harrison that he is having a hard time, and he cannot choose. Harrison tells him “get this right,” which seems easier said than done. And the final rose goes to……

Catherine! Despite Desiree’s one final plea, Sean ┬áchalked it up to who he would miss more. Des cried, and told him it was a huge mistake, but there was nothing more to say or do. Desiree wished him the best, and left us all in tears.

Are you enjoying The Bachelor this season? Which lady would you like to see Sean Lowe end up with? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it. Comment below to share your thoughts with us!

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3 Responses to “The Bachelor Recap: Havoc And Heartbreak On The Hometown Dates”

  1. Jamey Crow Says:
    February 18th, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    He sent the best one for him home tonight, I think he knew it the minute she drove off. The number two girl Ashley will and needs to now go to the end….. Lindsey, Hold your head high – Your AWESOME……

  2. annie.0 Says:
    February 18th, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    ASHLEY was the only REAL good home date…she is real nice…catherine should also have gone tonite..she is sooo moody..one day she smiles..then she is sad…too immature!!! she has to go…lindsey..ehhhhh too silly…not a good mate….ASHLEY IS THE BEST…AND SHE TRULY LOVES HIM…i hope he picks her !!! and the parents are fantastic!!!!!

  3. Michael Says:
    February 18th, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    It was a real shame, that smarmy (his smug picture is next to the definition), full-of-himself brother had to ruin in it for Des. Out of the final three, Catherine definitely seems to be the most fun and genuine of the bunch, but those sisters and mother are going to be a dealbreaker. Definitely good strategy for Catherine to wear that low-cut number at the rose ceremony. I saw Sean’s eyes glance down at her chest as he was making his final decision (remember he has a lot of stored-up sexual energy). Lindsay seems like a real possibility but Sean doesn’t seem to have fun with her like he does with Catherine. AshLee is just so saccharin, it makes my teeth hurt. She also seems to have some serious mental baggage and, mark my words, she will not take kindly to getting dumped in the end. I see a boiled rabbit in Sean’s future.


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