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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 4 Premiere – Under Pressure

February 19, 2013 05:51 AM by Donna W. Martin

Just when you think life is smoothing out and everything is going to be okay, something happens to turn it all upside down. On tonight’s Teen Mom 2, season 4 premiere, all the moms were under pressure as they dealt with unexpected changes. Who suffered a heartbreaking loss? Who had legal troubles? And who may be pregnant again? Take the jump to find out!


Eight-weeks into her pregnancy and after a week of cramping and then bleeding, sadly, Leah lost her baby. Jeremy was out of town for work when she went to the hospital but he made it home as soon as he could. “I just want it back,” she told him as she lay in his arms. “My baby’s gone.”

Leah had a hard time dealing with the loss of her baby and didn’t tell many people about it. Jeremy left for work and her friend Kayla came over. She and Leah talked about the baby and Leah said she wasn’t going to try again anytime soon. She admitted she had feelings for Corey that she shouldn’t be having and Kayla told her, “Then you’re not ready to get married [to Jeremy].”

When Jeremy came home from work that weekend, Leah talked to him about slowing things down. Jeremy said he wished things were different and Leah told him she felt like this had been a test for them. Then she told him again that she wanted to slow things down and not rush their relationship. He asked her what her thoughts were about getting married and she said, “I don’t think we should plan it right now.”

Later, Leah dropped the girls off with Corey. He asked her if she was having as much morning sickness with this baby as she had with their girls. She told him she wasn’t pregnant anymore and that she had had a miscarriage. Corey told her if she needed anything to let him know and then said that he and his girlfriend, Summer had broken up. “I don’t think I’m ready to move on really,” he said.

Leah told him she was tired of the back and forth stuff. Corey agreed and said they were both “so friggin’ immature.”

“Either we’re going to do something about it or we’re not,” she said, “and if we’re not, I’m moving on.”

Corey was quick to remind her, “You already have, you’re engaged.” But Leah told him she wouldn’t be talking to him like this if she had actually moved on. “If you don’t know I love you now, you won’t ever know,” she said.

“But how do I know in 6-months you won’t be missing Jeremy and want him back?” Corey said. “[Jeremy] is a really good guy and I like him. I just don’t feel right doing it.” He explained, “You’re engaged, you’ve had a miscarriage, and I’m confused,” he said. “It’s not a good idea to make that decision now.”

Leah was shocked by his response and sat in her car crying.


Andrew still hadn’t tried to see Jace. Are you surprised? Things were going good between Jenelle and her new boyfriend, Gary; she started classes to become a medical assistant, and was moving into a new place with her friend, Allison.

During the move, Jenelle told Gary her goal was to stay on track and get Jace back. She said she only had one-month left on probation; it had been 8-months since she had smoked marijuana, and she was on her medications and seeing her psychiatrist.

Later, Jenelle, Barbara, and Jace went to lunch. Jenelle told her mom she wanted her to come see her new place and she wanted Jace to be able to spend the night with her some. Barbara said that would be fine as long as there wasn’t any drinking or partying going on while Jace was there.

Tori came over to Jenelle’s new place and told her she had heard that Kieffer was out of jail. Jenelle wasn’t concerned about it and said, “He probably thinks I’ve moved on and I’m happy.”

Later, Gary texted Jenelle and asked her to call him. He told her Kieffer had texted him and asked him to have her call him so they could talk. Jenelle and Gary couldn’t figure out how Kieffer had gotten Gary’s number. Jenelle told him if Kieffer kept calling, he should change his number, and she would change hers if he found out what it was. Then she told Gary she was with him and he had nothing to worry about.


Chelsea was getting ready to start beauty school and was trying to deal with the emotions of leaving Aubree in daycare or with her mom. She was a little depressed because Aubree had been with her for the last 2 ½ years and she knew she would never have this time with her again.

Her friend Laura came over and Chelsea told her that her birth control had fallen out. But get this…Adam had come over shortly thereafter and they hooked up! And even though they didn’t use any protection, she wasn’t worried about getting pregnant because he pulled out. OMG!

Chelsea was busy focusing on school and hadn’t talked to Adam since they hooked up. In the meantime, Adam was hanging out with his friends and dished about their hookup saying, “Yeah, we f*cked!” but when one of his friends said something about him getting back together with Chelsea, Adam said that would never happen. But just like Chelsea, Adam wasn’t worried about her getting pregnant.

The day before Chelsea was to start school, she went shopping with Aubree and her friend Erika. They talked about her birth control coming out and then Chelsea told her she had hooked up with Adam. “I love Aubree,” she said, “but I’m not ready for another baby.” She tried not to worry about possibly being pregnant again. After all, she wasn’t late, at least not yet.


Kailyn was still not comfortable with the idea of Vee being around Isaac. And it didn’t help matters any when she went to drop him off with Jo and found Vee with him. Kailyn and Jo argued and the fight became physical.

Afterwards, Kailyn filed a PFA, protection from abuse order, which gave her temporary full custody of Isaac and prevented Jo from coming around either of them.

Later, her friend Mark came over and they talked about the situation with Jo. Mark told her she had to respect Jo as Isaac’s dad. But Kailyn argues that she didn’t want Vee around her son because of her behavior.

In the meantime, Jo didn’t know about the PFA order. He met with his father and brother to discuss the situation with Kailyn. Jo said he didn’t understand why she was acting the way she was toward Vee. After all, she has Isaac around Javi 7 days a week and he didn’t start trouble over it. He said he didn’t like another man being around his son but he wasn’t going to start a fight over it.

Later, Kailyn had been busy with school and a new job at the mall so she hadn’t seen Javi in a while. When he came over, she told him about the confrontation with Jo. Javi was upset and said it wasn’t okay for a man to have his hands on his girlfriend. They talked about the PFA order and Kailyn said she didn’t think her and Jo would ever have a good relationship again.

Later, police officers served Jo with the PFA order. He called Vee and talked to her about it. He was really upset and told Vee he couldn’t see Isaac until after the hearing, which was two-weeks away. “She’s trying to take my son away from me,” he said. Then asked for her support. She said she’d be there.

Phew! Drama, drama, drama! What did you think of tonight’s Teen Mom 2 season 4 premiere? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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