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The Biggest Loser Blog: Gina McDonald Week Eight

February 19, 2013 01:56 PM by Christine McDow

The weeks on The Biggest Loser ranch never seem to get easier for Gina McDonald. Every week there is some sort of drama surrounding her, and this week was no different. This week however had not only Bob Harper coming after Gina, but Jillian Michaels as well! How did she feel about it? Read the excerpt from her exclusive blog below then follow the link to read the entire blog for yourself!

This week the fight was between Gina McDonald and fellow contestant Joe, who Gina claims she can not stand. Dolvett and Joe egged her on during a workout leading to Gina saying that she did not want to work out in the same gym with Joe anymore. Where exactly did she think she would go? Bob Harper got on her about giving up in hope that it would give her the swift kick in the rear end that she needed. Things only continued to get worse for Gina however as the week went on.

Despite losing four pounds on the scale this week, the trainers were still taking digs at Gina claiming she did not work hard enough. What exactly went down? Read Gina McDonald’s exclusive blog on SheKnows.com to find out more from Gina herself.

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One Response to “The Biggest Loser Blog: Gina McDonald Week Eight”

  1. Trish2229 Says:
    February 25th, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    OMG could this woman be more annoying and less deserving? The trainers spend more time one on one with her and her annoying crying and carrying on! How the hell does she even function in society. The next time she whines and says I want to g home I hope someone packs her bag and drives her ass to the airport. She truly is the biggest loser this show has ever seen!


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