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Trista Sutter Announces Bachelor Front-Runner

February 19, 2013 11:42 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Trista Sutter is still the ultimate example of a classy Bachelor and Bachelorette alum. Still married to Ryan Sutter, this former Bachelorette still enjoys watching the show and sharing her thoughts with other fans. Which contestant does Trista currently place as the show’s front-runner?

If anyone’s capable of giving us the scoop on The Bachelor, it’s season one runner-up Trista Sutter! Trista’s been watching this season along with the rest of us and has plenty to say concerning Sean Lowe’s occasionally questionable choices. Although, unlike some viewers, Trista didn’t find Desiree’s departure particularly bothersome. She later blogged, “ [Desiree] may be right in that she could make him the happiest, but only at the exclusion of her brother and for someone who values family as much as Sean, I imagine that just couldn’t be overlooked.  Very sad to see her go but I have no doubt she’ll find her happy ending.”

So, with Desiree out of the way, what does Trista think of the remaining contestants? After witnessing the little speech Lindsay’s mom gave concerning Sean Lowe’s reluctance to say “I love you” to just anyone, Trista found herself reminscing about her own time on the show. And her roundabout conclusion was that Lindsay has a good shot at emerging victorious! “Now, when the relationships on the show stir up memories of my developing relationship with Ryan, I start thinking about final roses and our footsteps being followed.  Lindsay and Sean made me do that, so at this point, I’m thinking Lindsay is the one stashing a Neil Lane engagement ring somewhere in her house…I think the contentment with Lindsay, and the conversation and sincerity he expressed with Lindsay’s mom showed that they are on a different level than he is with the other girls…Will Lindsay be changing her name to Lowe soon?  We shall see!”

Do you agree with Trista? Sound off in the comments section below!

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