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Face Off 4 Recap: Buggin’ Out!

February 20, 2013 11:05 AM by Ryan Haidet

If you’re easily freaked up by creepy crawlies, grab the Raid because this week’s episode of Face Off season 4 was totally buggin’ out!  This week’s main challenge had the contestants creating their own massive bug creatures.  It resulted in some absolutely stellar makeup, which is why I absolutely love this show.  True talent.  Period.  But the finished products weren’t all great.  Far from it.  The bottom three were major disappointments — including one that was created by somebody who I consider as a top contestant.  How did it all go down?  We’ve got the details coupled enough close-up pics (26 total!) of all the finished bug creations that you could overpopulate an ant farm.

The episode kicked off with the third Foundation Challenge of the season in which the remaining aspiring special effects makeup artists were tasked with taking a classic fairytale good girl and making them wickedly bad.  They had two hours to concoct their creations, which were predominantly lackluster.  In the end, the guest judge selected Eric F. as the winner for his twisted take on Little Red Riding Hood.  For his victory, Eric F. was rewarded with Immunity from the next elimination and a very pricey makeup case from Makeup Forever.

Bug Battle

After working in teams for the previous two-headed giant challenge, this Spotlight Challenge had each makeup artist working alone once again.  This time around they had to create an original bug-hybrid character inspired by a microscopic images they had selected.  Interestingly, Anthony, one of this season’s strongest contenders since the first episode, struggled right off the bat.  He felt like his bug — an ant — was a super simplistic creature that might not showcase his talent because he didn’t know what direction to go with it.  “Nothing is really coming together,” he said.  “For the first time in this competition I can’t see what this is gonna look like at the end.  And that, I think, scares me more than anything.  I already know, two days from now, I will be on the bottom.”

Here’s a closer look at all nine of the finished bug makeups:


These first four finished makeups weren’t openly critiqued by the judges and deemed immediately safe.

House – honeybee: He wasn’t very impressed with his own work saying it was “nice” but “not extraordinary.”  Honestly, I thought this makeup was pretty neat.  I think House was being too hard on himself.

Autumn – beetle: Autumn was very proud of this makeup — and she definitely deserved to be.  This, I think, was her best creation to date.

Eric Z. – mosquito: He found himself worried because he felt like the makeup looked too much like a mask.

Eric F. – desert wolf spider: “I think she’s beautiful,” Eric F. said before adding it might be something the judges would appreciate.  It didn’t really matter because he held Immunity anyway.  Although he wasn’t classified as a “top look” for this makeup creation, I really think Eric F. has proven himself as a true contender for the title of season 4 champ.


The following two makeups were ranked as the best from the challenge.

Kris – blue morpho butterfly: “The colors in the chest piece are also the colors that were in that microscopic photograph,” judge Ve Neill said.  Judge Glenn Hetrick added that he loved it and praised the shape of the butterfly’s head.  Ultimately, this makeup was chosen as the best by default because Wayne (see the next makeup) would have won had he not forgotten a major element of the challenge.

Wayne – firefly: When he made it to the last hour of the challenge, Wayne realized he forgot to incorporate the microscopic elements from the photo.  And despite creating an outstanding makeup, it was that mistake that cost him victory because the judges believed his was the best.  They simply couldn’t reward him as the winner when he missed out on that major component since he technically didn’t complete the challenge.  “I think you’ve knocked this out of the park,” Glenn said before praising the way the model’s eyes are camouflaged in plain sight as brilliant.  The judges also loved the piece that jiggled on the bug’s chin when the model moved his mouth.  I must say, this thing was pretty damn sweet.


The following three makeups were ranked as the worst of the challenge

Meagan – sunset moth: “I’m ready to cry,” she said in confessional.  “He looks like Chewbacca and the moth made a baby.”  As much as I like Meagan and all the talent she owns, this was just bad.  It was so rough that I actually think it was the worst of the buggy bunch.  “It looks like you lobbed paint at it from across the room,” Glenn said before adding he was disappointed because she’s done better.  “You really didn’t follow any design,” Ve added.

Anthony – ant: “I’m not happy with the paint, I’m not happy with the sculpture, I’m not happy with the overall design,” Glenn said.  “Nothing’s working on this one for me.”  It wasn’t fantastic, but it also wasn’t as terrible as Glenn made it out to be.  Ve said it wasn’t very ant-like, but I disagree.  It definitely resembled an ant, just not a very good one.

Alam – grasshopper:  “This makes me wanna die,” judge Neville Page said when they took a closer look at the wings.  “There’s just a whole bunch of stuff that destroyed this design,” Neville said.  “The thing that’s tied together on her back, they are not wings.”  She tried to defend herself by saying she ran out of time.  Neville replied that if she was running out of time she shouldn’t have put it on.  The judges just didn’t think this makeup was good at all and sent her packing from the competition.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Did you agree with the judges on the best and worst finished makeups?  Who is your favorite contestant?  Who do you think is most talented?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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