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Survivor: Caramoan Recap — Shamar Thomas Shows He’s A Big, Lazy, Loud-Mouthed Bully

February 20, 2013 07:45 PM by Ryan Haidet

Brandon Hantz lived up to his family’s last name at the start of tonight’s Survivor: Caramoan — Fans Vs. Favorites — and he totally loved it.  Admittedly disappointed that his fellow tribemates voted Francesca out first (again!), motivation sparked inside him to transform into his infamous three-time castaway Russell Hantz.  He bragged to Erik that he was feeling vengeful and could feel his uncle’s blood flowing through his veins.  “It feels great!” he cheerily chimed before declaring he wanted to sabotage Bikal (Favorites).  He even brought Dawn to tears as she defended their choice to boot Francesca as he labeled the move as “mean.”  Brandon’s predictably strange behavior was nothing in comparison to one big, lazy, bully, loud-mouthed guy at Gota named Shamar.

Brandon’s Mental Battle

The next morning, Brandon realized that ruining their stash of beans and unleashing other nasty moves wasn’t something he wanted to do because it would only make him be remembered as a quitter and a bad person.  Cochran perfectly described the situation by saying Brandon’s behavior is very scary as he quickly goes from fury to pleasant at the flip of a switch.

As Phillip joined the chat, he pissed Brandon off by admitting that he’s not somebody he trusts easily.  Phillip actually explained his feelings by labeling himself a CEO and Brandon as mid-level management.  As much as I think Phillip is crazy, too, I think he’s 100 percent accurate here.  Brandon does seem like he would be tough to hold an alliance with because he’s proven to be so unpredictable.

Meanwhile, Phillip expanded his silly “Stealth-R-Us” garbage by adding Malcolm to the mix as the “Enforcer” and Dawn as “True Grit.”  Stupid.  Yes.  Totally stupid.  As much as I enjoyed Phillip his first time around, I feel we’re getting a phonier version that is far less entertaining to watch.

Shamar…  Oh, Shamar…  You Look Like A Fool

Over at Gota (Fans) camp, Shamar continued his disgustingly unlikeable ways by lazily relaxing in the shelter alone while everybody else worked hard to improve camp life.  Not only was he admittedly doing it to keep himself well-rested for challenges and to prevent dehydration, Shamar claimed it was actually a strategy.  He said in confessional that doing nothing around camp might make some of his tribemates think he doesn’t care about the game, which would rank him as less of a strategic threat.

Believe it or not, his strategy actually seemed to grab a foothold as Sherri wanted to pull him into her alliance with Laura, Julia, Mike and Matt.  Why?!?!  She wanted to drag him deep into the game because everybody dislikes him — just like Boston Rob did to Phillip on season 22.  Hell, Sherri even labeled Shamar as her Phillip.  I give her a lot of credit because I couldn’t live one second with this buffoon.

Immunity Switches Hands

The combined Reward/Immunity challenge arrived very early in the episode as the tribes battled for safety from Tribal Council and a complete fishing kit with mask, snorkel, fins, fishing line, nets and a Hawaiian sling.  After nearly blowing a massive lead, the Favorites pulled off the win.

Shamar Stays Lazy

When Gota returned to camp, Reynold called Shamar out for having unacceptable behavior from being lazy at camp to his crappy attitude at the challenge when he said nobody listens to his opinions.  “It is what it is, so whatcha gonna do about it?” Shamar asked.  Reynold fired back, “I’m gonna vote for you tonight.”  Shamar blew it off and told Reynold that he’s no Boo-Boo-The-Fool because he knew he was already a target.  Frustrated with the argument, Reynold and Eddie left the fight to gather firewood.  As they walked away, Shamar kept his lazy, stupid ass in the shelter and yelled “Shut up!  Stop talking to me!” at the two guys when they spoke in his direction about having work to do.  This guy is a total moron.  I can’t stand anything about him.  He has really made himself look like a dumb prick.  Yes, it could be that we’re only seeing Shamar’s bad moments in the edit, but damn.  Really?  A grown man acting so friggin’ lazy yelling at others — WHO ARE WORKING! — to shut up?  Grow up, dude.  For real.

Naturally, the four-way friendship with Eddie, Hope, Reynold and Allie thought their first target was easy.  Shamar.  But the six-way alliance seemingly led by Sherri determined that Allie (ummm…  have they even shown her?) was a big strategic threat and agreed she would be the best person to vote off.

Idol Error

Before going to Tribal Council, Reynold hunted for the hidden Immunity Idol — and after a few minutes he easily found it.  He was even stunned by how simple his search proved to be.  But he wasn’t as slick as he thought about keeping his Idol possession a secret.  As he was putting his pants on before heading to Tribal Council, Laura spotted a bulge in his pocket and realized he had found the Idol.  That Idol is tiny, so she had to be staring hard hoping to spot a bulge.

At Tribal Council, Shamar said there seems to be too many voices within Gota — and not one strong decision-maker.  Michael agreed before Reynold revealed his frustration about Shamar being lazy around camp.  Eddie spoke up and said Shamar was in the shelter for 19 hours the day before, which totally stunned Jeff Probst.  Shamar didn’t deny it, but did say he’s an easy outcast because he’s big and loud.  I’m sorry, but that’s a piss-poor excuse.  You’ve outcasted yourself, Shamar, because you treat others like crap.  Who wants to be around a constantly negative, abrasive personality?

Then things got really interesting right before the vote when Laura teased everybody that she had spotted a bulge in somebody’s pocket.  Although she didn’t say the name, Probst noticed she was looking right at Reynold.  Instead of acting like he had no clue what she was talking about, Reynold yanked the tiny Idol out of his pocket and showed it off to everybody.  Just like Malcolm had done in the previous season, Reynold announced he was going to play the Idol tonight and get it out of the picture.  But after the votes were made, Reynold put the Idol back in his pocket before Probst revealed Allie was booted by a vote of 6-4 (all other votes against Shamar).

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode?  Who would you have voted against?  What are your thoughts on Brandon and Shamar?  Who do you hope wins the whole game and the $1 million prize?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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4 Responses to “Survivor: Caramoan Recap — Shamar Thomas Shows He’s A Big, Lazy, Loud-Mouthed Bully”

  1. Jake Says:
    February 20th, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    Shamar was a warehouse clerk! Used to sitting around! On his profile he talks about him being “cool and respected” and being big on teamwork- not seeing it here in the least bit!

  2. tburk Says:
    February 21st, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    I hate Shamarr’s personality if they don’t kick him off soon it will be hard to keep on watching.

  3. Les Says:
    February 25th, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    I wish I were on the island. I would put Shamar in his place. Speaking as a former Marine he is an embarrassment to the Corps. And Cochran is a pathetic weasel. I have actually become a fan of Brandon. Because at the end of the day his word means something.

  4. Marine One Says:
    March 9th, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Shamar is a typical marine. A great American. Be grateful that his kind are out there to save us from danger.


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