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The Face Exclusive Blog With Stephanie Lalanne: Week Two

February 20, 2013 06:00 AM by Christine McDow

During week two of The Face the claws came out and the models got nasty.  It is clear that they are all fighting to win the big prize, but unclear how far they will go to get it.  The episode was full of drama and contestant Stephanie Lalanne is telling Reality TV Magazine all about it.  See what Stephanie thought about the antics happening and who she thinks the biggest problem is.

Well, well well well WELL. If it isn’t another episode of Oxygen’s The Face! While I loved watching this episode, I have to say some things going through my head were not included (of course, who do I think I am?!). But hey. I’m here now and while I am, let’s discuss!

So for a personal recap (to be honest a lot of this is personal), I am totally and completely new to the world of modeling (you will probably get beyond tired of this being said) but I’ve managed to survive the first episode’s elimination round against Aleksandra (which I really loved, didn’t want her to go home, except it was either me or her so :( ).

Feeling like I’ve just dodged a bullet, it’s on to the next test shoot and campaign and there’s no time for wallowing in one’s lack of experience, so let’s go!
Our test shoot is for the amazing Vogue Eyewear brand and I couldn’t be more excited (and yes, OK nervous). Coco is the mentor running this shoot and the task is to execute as many usable poses/shots with the glasses in one minute as you can. At first you think, ‘ok one minute, really not a long time to get your poses out say maybe 15 usable ones at most’. AND THEN the renowned Coco Rocha gets up on that heap of rugs and whips out upwards of 100 poses in ONE MINUTE. Whoever thought this was an easy act to follow needs to leave Earth NOW (so sorry Jocelyn for having to go first).

Anyway, I personally am terrified not only to try and execute some poses, but being hoisted on top of a platform so your performance can be magnified and scrutinized by all, is not my idea of a good time. I left that heap feeling as though 10 years had gone by and hoping to the model gods that I’ve done well.

The results have come back and I was completely shocked to see that not only is Team Naomi all in the bottom 3, but I, surprisingly am not! Apparently Team Naomi had problems with hair and/or not putting on the glasses (I’m looking at you Zi Lin, but can you really do anything wrong with that figure?). Madeleine has won the challenge and I am truly happy for her as she does have quite the winning photo .

Meanwhile, the aftermath of all this is starting to take a toll in the loft. Apparently Sandra was NOT happy with how her team faired and starts taking it out on Jocelyn (as per usual). I wasn’t able to hear anything first hand but let me be the first to tell you my ear was unashamedly glued to the other side of Team Naomi’s room’s wall. I definitely heard some grumblings but actually watching the footage in the episode was tenfold more than I thought! Seeing Sandra’s animalistic lip curl towards Jocelyn honestly made me want to pee my pants and/or run for the hills. NOW I understand why Jocelyn was constantly saying ‘you have no idea what I’m going through’ because CLEARLY I DIDN’T. That sort of exchange can’t be explained other than seeing it first hand/on TV. Seriously scary stuff.

Well now that that drama is behind us (for now), let’s move on to the campaign! The lovely lingerie line Cosabella is offering up their collection for us to model and make a commercial for. The winning team’s commercial gets to be featured online and also gets a lingerie set named after them (oo-la-la).

The criteria for each team are to have one sexy, one sweet, and one conservative girl/outfit. You must embody this character and stick to it the whole time! I think my team (Coco) did a great job of truly sticking to the requirements of the campaign. All the girls on my team are hot mamas but one had to be conservative and let’s just say I was the most comfortable with that. Plus, I don’t think my you-know-what’s would have fit into anything ;D.

Going into this campaign I thought ‘hey this is something that doesn’t just require modeling’ (my lucky day). I’ve always been really into acting and musical theater in high school and thought that for once I might have an advantage. This shoot is all about having to take on a role and staying in character. Getting on the set, Coco was amazing at directing us. She’s never done lingerie herself but looking at her work you never would have known! Every last one of us really embodied our characters and showcased the lingerie to the fullest (yes that is my opinion). Finally, I felt like I held up my weight and coming out of the shoot we all as a team felt like we nailed it! Let me tell ya. There is a fine line between a lingerie shoot and umm….well just don’t make eye contact with each other ok?

Coming back to the loft, I’ve never felt more confident that we’ve won something. Finally, it’s Team Coco’s time to shine! Alas, it was not meant to be. Team Naomi came through with a win and while we were all stunned, I can’t speak for the client (who the decision is ultimately up to), but I can speak for how I felt my heart drop into the floor, oh, and the floor below. Because you know what it means when you don’t win?! Elimination baby!

I am the first one to say I am as honest with myself, and my flaws, as possible. Anything you say to me, believe me, I’ve thought it myself before (talking to you Christy, yes you). I know what a tough position Coco was in having to pick someone for elimination and seeing her cry those beautiful, pristine, crocodile tears had me crying not so pristine crocodile tears. She chose me to go to elimination but I felt it was fair, as much as it sucked, for me to go. No offence fellow Team Coco’ers, but I had been there before, had the experience, and why not fight to stay again.

Going into elimination, I was stuck in a room with Christy, with us both just sitting there ignoring the blatant awkwardness surrounding us. Had I known all she had said about me in her just lovely(!) interviews, perhaps I might have had something to say (probably not, I hate confrontation). But I went in there hoping Queen Naomi Campbell would have mercy on my non-model soul and save me.

Now looking back, I realize that Christy’s answers were not so much as empty because she was at a loss for words but perhaps because her attitude was something along the lines of ‘duh you should pick me I’m the obvious choice’. Which I tottaallyyyy understand because of her experience and/or physical appearance but I think that was a bit of a mistake on her part. Because bottom line, if you want something, you fight for it. Regardless of if you believe you are the obvious choice and that there’s no way you could go home, never underestimate someone else’s drive and determination over their lack of skill (yes I’m talking about myself). Yes, I was the weak link on my team. Yes, I’ve been army crawling through this competition. But no, no I do not want to give up. Keep trying and fighting because hey, what have you got to lose (yup cliché but true).

And in the end, Naomi Campbell DID take mercy on my un modely soul and I am truly grateful for that. And on that note, I’m 5’10 Christy, hope you are well, and we will all miss your beautiful spirit.

On to next week’s modeling debacle! I know I can’t wait hope you can’t either ;)

Photo credit: Oxygen Media/ Lorenzo Bevilaqua

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One Response to “The Face Exclusive Blog With Stephanie Lalanne: Week Two”

  1. Tish Says:
    February 21st, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    This girl is a class act! She gets hit and keeps on going like a champ. I hope she makes it all the way through. Christy was nasty and unbecoming nothing like what a model should be. Team STEPHANIE all the way.


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