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The Face Margaux Brooke Exclusive Blog: Week Two

February 20, 2013 01:26 PM by Christine McDow

Wow! Margaux Brooke from The Face has no qualms about calling them as she see’s them in her exclusive blog on SheKnows.com this week. She even goes so far as to say that Christy is ignorant and rude. What happened to ignite these comments from Margaux? Keep reading to get a hint then follow the link below to read Margaux Brooke’s entire blog.

To be fair, Margaux Brooke was not the first one to diss another model. Christy in fact, dissed Stephanie first, saying she wasn’t a model, angering the rest of the ladies in the house. The models moved on and did their posing competition which was a task that had them posing in as many believable positions as possible for 60 seconds. Magaux admits that no one can pose like her idol Coco, but that she is going to try her hardest to come close.

After the final campaign challenge, which left all the models a bundle of nerves. How did Margaux Brooke get through it? Read her exclusive blog on SheKnows.com to find out. Also, see why she feels like Christy changed who she was in the middle of the competition.

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