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The Face Recap: Model Warfare

February 20, 2013 05:40 AM by Donna W. Martin

This week’s episode of Oxygen’s, The Face, airing on Tuesdays at 9/8c, was full of drama. Sandra’s claws came out after she received the lowest score on the test shoot challenge and Jocelyn was her target. Were they able to put their differences aside and get the job done? Or did they crash and burn? Which team won the campaign challenge? And who was up for elimination? Take the jump to see who made it through to next week and who was sent home.

Test Shoot Challenge

This week’s test shoot was all about the art of posing. The eleven remaining models were given one-minute to strike as many poses as they could while wearing sunglasses and optical frames from the latest collection of Vogue eyewear. The model who took the highest number of usable poses would win the challenge and appear on Vogue’s website.

Coco judged the test shoot. “Girls who actually make it as models give something, they have personality, and they get behind what they’re selling.” She explained, “Today is all about giving me that personality – as many poses as you can but not upstaging the product.”

Coco said she would be looking for facial expression every single time the camera clicked. Then she gave a demonstration. Nigel said, “The object is to strike as many usable poses as possible clearly featuring the product without overshadowing it.

Jocelyn, Zi Lin, and Sandra, all Team Naomi, were in the bottom three. The top three were Margaux and Brittany from Team Coco and Madeleine from Team Karolina. Madeleine had the highest number of useable photos and won the challenge and a spot on Vogue’s website.

After the test shoot, Sandra was furious and started barking orders to teammates, Jocelyn and Zi Lin. She wanted to make sure they did better during the campaign challenge and didn’t end up as the losing team again this week. But her delivery was abrasive and her teammates didn’t respond too well, especially Jocelyn. When Jocelyn tried to talk to Sandra, things got worse. Sandra accused her of thinking she knew everything. She told Jocelyn she didn’t like her, called her a b*tch, and told her she needed an *ss whooping. But Jocelyn didn’t retaliate. Instead, she remained calm and told Sandra she needed to get some class.

When Naomi heard about the tension in her team, she went to talk to Sandra. She told her she didn’t want this behavior. “We are wasting valuable time,” she said. “I care about your well being [but] this is so nothing.” She cautioned Sandra, “If you want to be in this business, this is like a jump over a cupcake because the hurdles are so big. You’re going to meet people from all over the world who are going to test you constantly and if you show you’re vulnerable, they will test you even more. You have to get a thick skin. You cannot take things personally. You have to learn to brush it off. We all come from different walks of life – what matters is you made it this far – don’t f*ck it up now!”

Campaign – Cosabella Lingerie Commercial

The next day, the models met with Nigel to get their campaign assignment, a 15-second TV commercial for international lingerie brand, Cosabella. The goal of the campaign was to represent the different sides of a Cosabella woman. The models were judged on individual and team performances.

Each team was given three styles of lingerie ranging from conservative to sweet to very sexy. It was up to the team to decide who would wear which piece of lingerie.

Each member of the winning team would have an exclusive Never Say Never lingerie set named after them that would be sold at cosabella.com and in Cosabella flagship stores. Plus, the winning campaign would be featured online at usmagazine.com.

Then the models went to see their lingerie. Team Karolina was quick to choose their roles. Madeleine would be fun and flirty, Devyn and Ebony would be sexy, and Christy would be conservative. But Christy wasn’t in agreement with the team. She thought she should have one of the sexy roles. After all, “I have a smokin’ body and I want to show it off,” she said.

Team Coco decided Marlee would be fun and flirty, Stephanie would be conservative, and Brittany and Margaux would be sexy.

But when it came to Team Naomi, it was just more drama. Sandra and Jocelyn argued over who would be sexy. Sandra called her a b*tch, again. Jocelyn told Sandra she needed to get some class because “this is modeling not boxing or fight club.” Zi Lin tried to break up the fight but she was ignored.

The judges went in to coach their teams and Naomi found her girls going at it. She told them to be professional, put it behind them, and make it work. Then it was time for the shoot.

Team Karolina was up first. Everything started okay but then Christy switched things up when she chose to go sexy instead of conservative. Her teammates were somewhat confused by the change and midway through the shoot, Ebony switched from sexy to conservative to ensure all elements were covered.

Team Coco was next and she wasn’t about to let her girls lose so she played the bossy coach and directed them through the entire shoot.

And last was Team Naomi. Naomi chose what each of her girls would wear to prevent further arguing. Sandra was sweet, Zi Lin was conservative, and Jocelyn was sexy.

After the shoot, the coaches reviewed the commercials and Cosabella’s Guido Campello chose Team Naomi as the winning team.

Later, Nigel met with the models and gave them the news. Sandra was over the top happy and was surprised that her teammates didn’t share in her enthusiasm.

As the losing coaches, Karolina and Coco had to choose one team member to put up for elimination. Karolina said it was a tough decision but she chose Christy because she didn’t work with the team during the campaign.

Coco cried and said she was breaking inside because she had to put one of her girls up for elimination. She chose Stephanie for the second week in a row and told her it was because she was new and was the weakest on the team.

Decision Time

As the winning coach, Naomi got to choose who stayed in the competition and who went home. While reviewing Christy and Stephanie’s portfolios, she said Stephanie had survival instinct and didn’t take things personally – “she listens and keeps going.” She said Christy had the face of many characters and “has a great future as a model.”

Then she met with them to give her decision. Naomi asked Christy why she should stay in the competition over Stephanie but all she could say was, “I’m terrible at speaking. I’m nervous.” After reminding Christy that speaking was part of modeling, Naomi moved on to Stephanie asking her why she should stay in the competition over Christy. Stephanie said she was here to compete and she wanted to “prove she can compete as an equal and learn.”

Naomi questioned if the competition was too much too soon for Stephanie and if Christy would have to be pushed in order to transform. Then she said the model staying in the competition would be Stephanie and Christy would be going home.

Christy said she was surprised by Naomi’s decision and thought she had made the wrong choice.

Karolina sent one of Naomi’s models home last week so she wondered if Naomi sent Christy home this week as a way of getting back at her. Naomi said her decision was made for the right reasons. But Karolina won’t let her team go down without a fight. “Watch out coaches, here I come,” she said.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you surprised by Naomi’s decision to send Christy home? Post a comment and let us know.

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