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Project Runway Recap: A Little Bit Country

February 22, 2013 05:23 AM by Donna W. Martin

Tonight’s episode of Project Runway began with a surprise twist from last week’s continued episode. The designers met Tim and Heidi on the runway where they learned Team Dream Team and Team Keeping It Real were no more. Instead, the designers would be working in smaller groups for this week’s challenge. Keep reading to see how it all went down.

The twelve remaining designers were told they would be working in pairs this week and they were going to be able to choose their partner. Samantha won the challenge so she got first pick. Then Heidi drew a name from the button bag to see who went next until everyone was paired up.


Samantha and Daniel

Richard and Stanley

Patricia and Layana

Matthew and Michelle

Kate and Tu

Amanda and Benjamin

The next day, the designers met Tim at Johnny Utah’s to discuss this week’s challenge. Tim said he brought them to Johnny Utah’s to get them in a country western state of mind because they would be designing garments for country music singer and guest judge, Miranda Lambert.

Each team was responsible for designing two looks, a performance look, and a red carpet look, and no cohesion of the two was required. The designers were given a dossier of looks Miranda had worn in the past to use for inspiration.

Plus. Tim gave them some pointers for what she was looking for in their designs. “For the performance look, Miranda wants something that’s a little country and a little rock n roll,” he said. “And for the red carpet look, think chic, young, fresh – she doesn’t want something that’s overly designed.” He added, “She loves her curves so think about that and celebrate them.”

The designers were given 30 minutes to consult with their teammate and sketch before going to Mood. Each team had a $400 budget and 30 minutes to shop.

Back in the workroom everybody was pleased to be working in pairs this week instead of larger teams. Later, Tim came in to check on their progress. He said he didn’t like the idea of Daniel’s center seam and said he wanted to “run for the hills” when he first saw Patricia’s garment. Luckily, he approved calling it “very innovative” once she had time to explain the concept.

But when he got to Tu’s garment, he was left scratching his head and said it was “wacky” and that Tu had “Gagaized” Miranda. After discussing the design, Tim said, “If the construction elements are fitted then they’ll work but if they are filled,” he explained, “she will look like a cartoon.”

Then Tim looked at Richard’s design. He said the idea of it was “fabulous” but he was worried because the garment was mess and didn’t have a lining. As he was leaving the workroom, he told the designers he was “really excited” and thought, “Miranda would be very happy.”

The next day, the designers had two-hours to send their models to hair and makeup before getting them dressed and heading to the runway. Daniel was busy shredding the hem of his skirt with a fork while Richard worried because he still didn’t have a lining for his dress. But thanks to quick thinking, he improvised by cutting up his and Stanley’s Mood tee shirts and used them for the lining.

After the runway show, Heidi told Patricia and Layana, and Kate and Tu they were safe and could leave the runway. The rest of the pairs represented the high and low scores. Richard and Stanley, and Amanda and Benjamin were the pairs with the highest scores. And Daniel and Samantha, and Matthew and Michelle were the pairs with the lowest scores.

The judges spoke to Richard (performance look) and Stanley (red carpet look) first. Zac told Richard he loved that his model could “move” in the dress. Heidi said it “looked expensive” and was “real cool.” Nina said, “Miranda has beautiful curves and this dress really plays up on her curves.” And Miranda said the dress was a “good length” and something she “would actually wear.”

Miranda told Stanley his dress was “great” and that she “loved the plunging neckline” but there was “too much fabric on the bottom.” Zac said the dress had “really good elements.” Nina said it was a “beautiful dress” but she wasn’t sure if it was the “perfect dress for Miranda” because she would be “swallowed up in all that pleating.” Heidi agreed saying she loved “the plunging neckline…sexy.”

Then they spoke to Amanda (performance look) and Benjamin (red carpet look). Nina said to Benjamin, “How elegant is this dress? It looks absolutely gorgeous from every angle.” Zac said the “styling was really nice.” Miranda said she didn’t know if this fabric would be “super forgiving” on her and wondered if there would be room to squeeze a Spanx underneath. But Heidi said she “quite liked” the dress for Miranda.

Miranda told Amanda she thought her garment was “really cool” and she loved that it went down because it draws the eye to the middle. “I would buy it.” Zac said it was great that she took something casual like a jersey and “used placement of the chevroning and placement of the fringe to make it chic.” And Nina said she loved “the easiness of the dress.”

Next up were Matthew (performance look) and Michelle (red carpet look). Heidi told Michelle “If Miranda hit the red carpet in this; I think she would go on the worst dressed list.” Miranda said the necklace was “distracting” and she didn’t like the skirt. Zac agreed saying it looked like she had “linguine” from a distance. Nina said the garment looked “very rock of ages” and “dated.”

Heidi told Matthew she could see that he had “put in lots of details but you can’t see them” and stage performers need “wow.” Zac said he could make “bolder gestures” in his clothing. Nina said the garment had “no shine and no movement.” And Miranda said she could tell he could do better and that he needed to have more confidence in his work.

Finally, they spoke to Daniel (red carpet look) and Samantha (performance look). Miranda told Daniel she had “no idea the top was leather.” Heidi agreed saying the top looked like “tin foil” from far away. And Nina said the garment looked “inexpensive” and like a “cross between a tablecloth and a napkin.”

Zac told Samantha he wanted to see more “wow.” And Miranda said she would wear the outfit Samantha was wearing before she would wear the one she had designed for her. Ouch! Good thing she had immunity this week!

After final deliberations, the designers were called back to the runway. Miranda announced Richard was the challenge winner and that she would “love to wear” his dress in one of her upcoming performances.

Samantha had immunity so she was safe as well as Richard’s teammate, Stanley and Amanda and Benjamin.

That left Daniel, Matthew, and Michelle in the bottom. Heidi told Matthew, “You clearly lost your way. You tell us you’re a very creative designer but we didn’t see that here.”

Michelle, you’re too 80’s rock and some of us really question your taste.”

“Daniel, we were very disappointed in your look today. Your outfit looked cheap and dated.”

Then Heidi said, “Matthew, you’re out.”

“Michelle and Daniel, you’re in.”

What did you think of this week’s episode? And which outfit was your favorite? Post a comment and let us know.

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