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Amazing Race Recap: Swimming Is Essential

February 24, 2013 10:10 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Another exciting week on The Amazing Race! For the second leg of the race, contestants will be harvesting pearls and conducting underwater picnics. How will our water-fearing twinnies fare?

Last week, several teams took a penalty in order to remain in the running, which should mean that the teams coming in earlier should have an advantage in this leg of the race. Unfortunately for Jessica and John (which, apparently, fans have christened Team JJ), all teams catch up to one another at the water taxi. Dave and Connor head for Team JJ to ask about the Express Pass that they believe they won last week when they came in second. But Jessica and John have decided to abandon the alliance and instead will make everyone suck up in order to win that pass. I still think this plan could easily backfire in the future.

The teams must search for a chapel, where their next clue is hidden. Dave and Connor arrive first, soon followed by Team JJ. Unfortunately for this season’s twinnies, both of the Detour challenges for this leg will involve swimming. The choices are Pick a Pearl or Take a Trunk. Pick a Pearl involves harvesting pearls from the ocean, while Take a Trunk means creating a picnic…underwater!

Idries and Jamal are worried, as their lack of swimming ability is clearly going to cost them. They consider taking a penalty and skipping the challenge altogether. But the penalty would be six hours and it doesn’t seem like either of these challenges will take that long.  Although, to be fair, Dave and Connor do end up taking quite awhile to finish, as they make a noob mistake and leave their snorkeling gear up on the beach. Oops.

YouTube stars Joey and Meghan are surprisingly quick to find their pearls, so they board some amazingly high-powered jet skis and head for Motu Tapu, a South Pacific island you might recognize, as it is frequently featured in photos. Team YouTube is followed by JJ and soon after, hockey players Bates and Anthony. When they reach Motu Tapu, they immediately encounter a Road Block, in which contestants must balance on stilts and kick coconuts across the beach. Not an easy challenge! Anthony’s developed a great sense of balance during his years in athletics and is able to kick his coconut without too much trouble. Connor is also reasonably successful, but unfortunately, his teammate ruptures his Achilles on the way to the pit stop. Unfortunate, because these too have proven themselves a strong pair. Who else could recover so quickly from being in last place (well, last place outside of the penalty teams)?

Bates and Anthony finish first and win a trip to London. Cool, but again, another virtually useless prize when you’re in the midst of a contest for one million bucks. Rounding out the top three are Dave and Connor as well as Jessica and John.

Idries and Jamal ultimately pay a huge price for never having learned to swim. It’s admirable that they faced their fear of water instead of taking the penalty, but they simply were too slow to even have a shot at beating the other teams. So, it’s goodbye twinnies! My advice? When you get home, enroll in swimming lessons!

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