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50 Cent’s Attempt At Kiss Rejected By Erin Andrews

February 25, 2013 12:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Erin Andrews is always a hit with the guys, whether it’s Maks Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars or rapper 50 Cent. She may be popular, but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to oblige just anyone. 50 Cent learned that the hard way when Erin rejected a kiss at the Daytona 500.

50 Cent might consider himself a ladies man, but not all the ladies are into the famous rapper. During the Daytona 500, he found Erin Andrews on her way to a chat with Danica Patrick. 50 Cent approached Erin, who greeted him and asked what he was doing at the event. His response? “I’m enjoying myself…I’m enjoying all the festivities, that’s why we rolling.” He then proceeded to awkwardly follow Erin around like a devoted puppy as she continued on her hunt for Danica. Ultimately, the hunt proved futile, but as Erin concluded, “Thank goodness we have 50 Cent here!”

Before any of this awkwardness, occurred, however, there was an even more cringe-worthy moment. When Erin spotted 50 Cent, he started to go in for a kiss and instead was given the cheek. Poor guy. He later laughed the incident off via Twitter, posting, “I had fun, so I don’t care.” After reading multiple news articles in which he was portrayed as having been denied, 50 Cent informed followers that far worse things have been said about him.

No word yet from Erin Andrews on what she thought of the incident. It doesn’t look like she had quite as much “fun” as 50 Cent.

If you aren’t too bothered by moments of complete awkwardness, you might want to see the exchange for yourself. Check it out in the video below and then tell us what you think!

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Photo Credit: FOX

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