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The Biggest Loser Recap: Face Your Fears

February 25, 2013 08:01 PM by Megan Wilson

Last week we said goodbye to Francelina on The Biggest Loser.  This week it seems as if the contestants will be put to task over some harrowing obstacles that may tap in to some very primal fears!  What will we see?  Keep reading for the recap!

Alison opens up the show by a small recap of Francelina’s elimination.  Alison announces that one more contestant will be leaving for a whole week-and there will be a competition to decide who’s the lucky loser.  They’re each given a set of blocks-and they must put their blocks on OTHER contestants pictures; they are not allowed to put their blocks on their own picture.  The contestant that moves the most bricks will get a 1 lb advantage.  The contestant whose picture is covered last with the colored blocks will be leaving.  Jackson literally sacrifices himself to keep Gina on the ranch for the week.  Joe, who moved 20 bricks, won a 1 lb advantage.

Jackson gets to choose one contestant to go home with him-and before Jackson can choose, Jeff volunteers.  They will both be headed to a vacant home for the week.

Jackson and Jeff show up at the vacant house to find empty cupboards, a grocery budget, and a basic supply of workout equipment.

Dolvett meets with Lindsay to discuss her greatest fear-and she reveals that her biggest fear is contracting diabetes.  She’s already pre-diabetic, and Lindsay is terrified of developing full-blown diabetes.  Dolvett decides that Lindsay needs to spend some time with someone who has diabetes.

Next up is Biingo!  His biggest fear is vegetables.  Bob meets with Biingo’s mom to talk about his crazy fear of vegetables.  Bob sends some recipes to his family to try which include blending the vegetables before adding them to the food.

Jillian meets with Sunny next.  Sunny admits that she is terrified about losing her mom to her weight battle.  Jillian encourages her to have a heart-to-heart with her mother this week.

Jackson and Jeff end up at the grocery store going on a shopping spree!  Jeff admits that the potato chip isle was a struggle for him.  They return with their grocery bounty and begin cooking.  The guys are joking about what the contestants are doing back on the ranch-Gina complaining, Jill resting, Joe walking a 10K…they start discussing their fears, and Jeff says that his biggest fear is failure.  Not just failure at the ranch, but failure in life.

Speaking of the ranch, Gina and Jillian are talking-and Gina is crying again.  She says that she feels alone and unsupported-and admits she sabotages herself in many of her relationships.  She realizes that she has to figure out how to be satisfied with herself.

Jeff and Jackson wake up bright and early to take a hike.  They thought they were hiking to the Hollywood sign, but ended up a few mountains away.  Those two are comedians!

We check in with Biingo’s mom, who’s pureeing the vegetables to add into a ground turkey meatloaf.  The family sits down, and Biingo eats the meatloaf-and even says it was good!  His mom admits that the meatloaf had a plethora of vegetables in the meatloaf, and Biingo actually seems nonplussed!

We’re back with Gina.  Gina admits that she’s claustrophobic.  Jillian presents her with a casket-complete with a wreath and picture.  Jillian shuts the lid and says, “Rest in peace!”  You immediately hear Gina saying, “I have a second chance.  I can do this.  I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!”  Jillian confronts her about how many times she’s wanted to quit the show.  she tells Gina that the one thing keeping her from the casket she’s in is her participation in the show.

We check in with Lindsay, and she’s been set up to sit with her guidance counselor, Lois, who is a diabetic.  Lindsay admits that her diabetes diagnosis “Didn’t feel fair”.  She has to watch Lois give herself a shot, prick her finger, and talk about the daily routines of pills and blood sugar checks.  Lindsay admits that she’s terrified of needles, and is scared of the medical routines that come with diabetes.

We’re back with the ranch crew, and the finalists walk out on the top of a roof.  In front of them are platforms hanging over the edge of the building.  Alison admits that only the winner will remain on the building-the rest will drop off the side.  The reward is immunity.  The finalists have to hold 40% of their weight loss and outlast the other contestants.

The challenge is on!  The weights drop and the contestants are left to hold themselves up while standing over the edge of the building.  After just over 5 minutes, Jeff releases his weight and falls.    Gina is chanting a mantra.  “Pain is temporary; quitting is forever.”  Jackson is visibly shaking, and he ends up screaming the whole way down.  Alex is the third one to fall, and Joe was quick to follow.  The timer is ticking at over 20 minutes, and Gina and Danni are both at the end of their ropes-literally.  Danni ends up letting go-declaring Gina the winner.  (Yes, you could practically hear the collective sigh from all the viewers as we’ll have to deal with Gina for another week.)

It’s time to check in with Sunny and her heart to heart with her mom.  She talks with her mom about the fad diets she did as Sunny was growing up-and admits that the things that her mom can’t do bother her.  Sunni’s mom gets immediately defensive. and Sunni admits that she’s scared for her mom’s life, and that she doesn’t want her to die.  Her mom promises that this time will be different if they can work together.

Jillian and Danni are hanging out at the house, and Jillian surprises Danni with her biggest fear-she’s going to be singing in front of a crowd!  They go to a lounge and Jillian escorts her to the stage.  Dani admits that she’s terrified, but belts out the National Anthem.  She does surprisingly well for her first time performing in front of people!  She admits she never felt good enough to try, and that her weight held her back.

Joe and Bob are in San Pedro bay where Joe admits his biggest fear is sharks.  The pair go out on the boat, and Joe jumps in for a 500 yard swim!  Joe admits that he needs to learn to let go-and he completes the 500 yard swim!  When he emerged from the water he had a HUGE smile on his face.

We check back in at the ranch and Gina apologizes to Alex over her outbursts.  Gina realizes that she has quite a bit to make up for among the members left on the ranch.  Jeff and Jackson are doing their last chance work out in their temporary neighborhood; pushing trashcans, running on the treadmill, and doing sprints.  Back at the ranch, it’s business as usual.  It’s the last chance workout and the coaches are pushing them HARD.  Dolvett admits that Danni has to work TWICE as hard as everyone else in order to stay above the yellow line.  All the competitors are pushing it to the limit.

It’s weigh-in time!  here’s how we stack up:

Gina from 180 to 173 (-7)

Jackson from 261 to 250 (-11)

Jeff from 308 to 295 (-13)

(And let me add here that these guys CRUSHED it away from the ranch!  Way to go, you two!)

Joe from 273 to 273 (-12)

Alex from 195 to 187 (-8), and she falls below the yellow line.

Danni from 194 to 184 (-10)

Alex and Jackson have fallen below the yellow line.  The group is asked to deliberate, and Alex is sent home.   But guess what?  It’s MAKEOVER week!  Not only will the finalists get makeovers, but they also get to go reveal their new, made-over selves to their families!

We check back in with Alex and she’s down to 173 and looking GREAT!

What did you think of this episode of The Biggest Loser? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Responses to “The Biggest Loser Recap: Face Your Fears”

  1. Bryan Hurtz Says:
    February 25th, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    Great job by everyone!! Gina needs to go home though. Too bad she got immunity. She’s a constant whiner and drama queen. Whether it’s scripted or not ,she is definitely the weakest link and should’ve been ousted weeks ago

  2. Connie Says:
    February 25th, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    What was Alex’s fear? I didn’t see a challenge for her. Thanks.


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