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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Bonjour Paris!

February 25, 2013 07:27 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is all new tonight on Bravo. The ladies are packing their Louis Vuitton luggage and jet setting to Paris! But first Kim wants to have an intervention with Taylor about her boozing ways.

Kim is now the professional booze police.  Yes, Kim wants to punk Taylor out for drinking too much- and she wants Kyle’s help.  So Taylor might not have not known where her kid was - and jumped on a plane with a random guy - okay…. she might be drinking too much! “What’s being a good friend, helping her or not saying anything? Obviously, I have to say something to her,” Kyle tells the cameras.  The two sisters call Taylor and tell her they want to stop over for a chat.

The sober police stop over Taylor’s house for an intervention.  “So what are you guys doing today?” Taylor asks her friends.  Right away, Kim tells Taylor like it it – that she is depending too much on alcohol!  Kyle is no help; she just sits nervously biting her nails, waiting for a fight to break out.  This is where Bravo throws in a nice drunk montage of Taylor (nice touch). Taylor blames not knowing where Kennedy was as a ”miscommunication” between her mother and the nanny.  Of course, Taylor tears up and admits that drinking helps her feel better, but the next day she is in a darker place.  Kim can sympathize with what Taylor is going through, and wants to legitimately help her.  “Do you think you can not use it as a crutch by yourself?” Kyle asks Taylor.  Taylor realizes she needs to step up as a parent, because she is all Kennedy has.   

It’s all kisses for Yolanda and Muhammed as they are decorating yet another house together.  Yolanda lets us know she loves Muhammed, but she couldn’t stand him being unfaithful to her! Tonight, Yolanda is throwing a party in the mansion she just finished decorating.  It just so happens that Kyle, Yolanda and Lisa all happen to be going to Paris. Where else does that happen but in Beverly Hills? So the girls decide to invite the whole group for a girls’ trip to Paris. Everyone is getting along at the party, until Yolanda approaches Taylor and asks her why she doesn’t like her. Taylor blows it off that nothing is wrong, because she doesn’t want to bring up any drama.  Really it’s the fact that Taylor’s friend used to be married to David, Yolanda’s current husband.  Confusing right?  The evening ends with David at the piano – yawn!

The next scene is Ken and Lisa landing in St. Tropez, France.  Warren, Ken’s son from a previous marriage, lives there with his wife.  The twisted part of the story is that Warren is married to one of Lisa’s friends – can you say cougar?  Their mansion in St. Tropez is beyond amazing and both couples toast with some champagne.

The other ladies; Kim, Kyle, Yolanda and Brandi are all at the airport ready to board their flight to Paris.  Then Kyle receives a call from Marisa that she can’t go to Paris, because her father-in-law just died.  The ladies are sad, but the trip must go on!  The ladies and Mauricio arrive at their hotel after the long flight. It’s time for Lisa and Ken to meet up with the others in Paris.  Warren surprises the couple with a helicopter ride, which is only 20 minutes versus a four hour car ride to Paris.  Gotta love money!

It’s the first night in Paris and everyone gathers out on the balcony to view some fireworks.  But of course, Kim is running late so Kyle calls to check on her. When Kim finally shows up, she is acting a bit goofy!  You know – the usual giggling, saying weird things and not being very lucid.  “The Kim I’m seeing tonight is not the Kim I have been seeing the last few months,” Lisa even notes.  The episode ends with the group watching the fireworks.

What did you think about Kim’s intervention with Taylor?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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