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Dance Moms Recap: RIP Broadway Baby

February 26, 2013 11:21 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

And…the drama continues on Dance Moms. After all, what would this show be without drama? It’s even more essential than the actual dancing! This episode is a little bit different than the last few, in that we have a mourning Abby Lee — her dog and best bud Broadway Baby passed away. How will this impact Abby’s treatment of the dancers and moms?

All the dancers and moms head to the studio for the dreaded pyramid, only to be interrupted by news of Broadway Baby’s death. Abby is completely distraught, because Broadway Baby has been her close companion through thick and thin. I do have to feel bad for Abby, for, although I can’t stand little yappy dogs, I do know how hard it is to lose a pet.

The show must go on though, which means that it’s time for the pyramid. Chloe is still not in the lineup, as she’s on suspension. Instead, taking the bottom three spots are Paige, Brooke and Mackenzie. Kendall and Nia are in the middle of the pyramid and Abby congratulates them on excellent facials. Maddie did a great job with her solo, so predictably, she’s on the tippy top.

The group dance this week is called My Dream Will Be Your Dream. It should be a pretty number, complete with plenty of technical skills. Abby also assigns Nia a solo called Breaking My Heart and Maddie a solo called Showing You My Heart. The assumption here is that Abby is too sad about Broadway Baby’s Death to choreograph any cutesy or funny numbers. But she’s not sad enough to refrain from the usual idle threats, which is why she’s sure to remind the girls that onetime member Nicaya will be competing against the remaining ALDC members in St. Louis. Which means that her terror of a mother Kaya (aka Black Patsy) will be there as well. But then Abby is once again overcome by grief and has to leave the room in the middle of rehearsal.

Jill and Melissa are scheming as always and think that it would be great if the girls made Abby a sympathy card or dedicated the dance to Broadway Baby or just sucked up to her in any way possible in order to get back on her good side. Well, they don’t outright state the part about sucking up, but I know that’s what they’re thinking.

And then Jill has another, much worse idea: change up the dance so that there’s a happier song. Umm, has she not learned that Abby HATES it when people mess around with her routines? Apparently not. Holly, Kelly and Christi are all wary of this plan, but they go against their better judgement and participate in the scheme. And you really know they’re in it for themselves and not to ease Abby’s grief when they complain for ages after Abby fails to show up for a practice.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis, Nicaya is preparing for a big competition. Her mom is eager to see the ALDC girls beat bigtime and plans to also go and tell the moms and Abby exactly what she thinks of them. Which isn’t very much.

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  1. Eileen perez Says:
    February 27th, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Dear mz Abby. I am so dotty to here about your baby. I lost my fur baby 4yrs ago and I still get tears thinking about here. Please look up “rainbow bridge” it will help.ill pray for you.


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