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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Love Hurts

February 26, 2013 05:38 AM by Donna W. Martin

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, the moms saw that just when life seems to be going good, something can happen to make the bottom fall out. Emotions ran high as they tried to deal with difficult situations and make the best decisions. Who stayed together? Who split up? And who worked things out? Take the jump to find out.


Leah was still trying to get over the miscarriage and was confused about her feelings for Jeremy and Corey. She talked with her friend, Kayla and thought Corey would be more sensitive about the miscarriage but he wasn’t. Kayla thought Corey didn’t want Leah to be happy and wasn’t sure if he really wanted to be with her. But Leah admitted if Corey wanted to date her, she would walk away from Jeremy.

Since the miscarriage, Leah and Jeremy’s relationship has been a bit strange. They [mostly Leah] decided it would be best to take things slow. Leah went back on birth control and is in no rush to have another baby. It’s been a while since she’s talked to Corey and she wishes she knew what he was thinking.

In the meantime, Corey talked to his dad about breaking up with Summer and not being ready for another relationship. He admitted that he wonders what it would be like if him and Leah were still together.

Later, Corey sent Leah a text and told her he wanted to talk. He told her he still had feelings for her and since he bought a house, he has pictured them together with the girls. Leah was confused.

Later that night when Jeremy got home from work Leah told him they needed to talk. She told him about Corey texting her. Jeremy asked her what she wanted and told her she needed to make up her mind about who she wanted to be with.


Jenelle was finding it hard to stay focused because Kieffer was out of jail and trying to contact her. She talked to her friend, Allison and admitted that she’d be with Kieffer if she hadn’t met Gary. However she realized Gary was better for her and Jace. Not only does he have a job, he’s more mature, and he’s good with Jace.

But everything changed when Jenelle got a call from her best friend, Tori. Tori told her that she and Gary had hooked up around the time he and Jenelle had started dating. And now 4-months into a relationship, she’s hurt and angry that he didn’t tell her.

Gary went to talk to Jenelle. They had a heated discussion and even though Gary tried to work things out, Jenelle didn’t want any part of it and told him to leave.

But when he started gathering his things, Jenelle grabbed up some of his clothes and headed for the door. He went after her and kicked the door shut before she could throw his clothes out. She shoved him and threatened to punch him in the face.

Gary got his stuff and left. Jenelle went to her room and cried.


Chelsea hasn’t talked to Adam since their hookup and she hasn’t had her period either. And while she doesn’t think she’s pregnant, it’s hard not to worry about it a little. But she had to push those feelings aside and get ready for her first day of beauty school and Aubree’s first day of daycare.

While Aubree was excited and ready for daycare, Chelsea was a bit sad and didn’t want to leave her. But she had to so she could make it to class on time. Her first day of beauty school was all about getting to know everybody and getting familiar with what was expected of her.

Both Chelsea and Aubree had a good day. Aubree even took a nap at daycare! After Chelsea picked Aubree up from daycare, they went to grandma’s house to hang out for a while. Chelsea’s mom asked if Adam knew she was in school and Chelsea said who cares if he knows…it’s none of his business.


Kailyn and Isaac haven’t had any contact with Jo since she filed for a PFA. And Kailyn worries that taking him to court will ultimately end up hurting Isaac.

On the day of court, Kailyn’s attorney texted her to let her know Jo was at court and had witnesses with him. She was angry because there were no witnesses to their altercation. Then her attorney texted her again and said it would be best if her and Jo could come to an agreement before seeing the judge.

In the end, Kailyn withdrew the PFA and her and Jo agreed to go to co-parenting counseling. Plus there was a stipulation for third party exchanges; if someone other than Kailyn and Jo were exchanging Isaac, it couldn’t be her boyfriend or his girlfriend.

The judge accepted their agreement. Kailyn hopes her and Jo can be civil to each other for Isaac’s sake.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Leah will dump Jeremy? Will Jenelle take Gary back? Is Chelsea pregnant? And will Kailyn and Jo be able to get along? Post a comment and let us know.

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