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The Biggest Loser Blog: Gina McDonald Week Nine

February 26, 2013 02:38 PM by Christine McDow

On week nine of The Biggest Loser Gina McDonald is forced to face her biggest fears and comes out the winner. In the end Gina lost a whole 7 pounds, keeping her on the ranch for another week. Keep reading to get a sneak peek into her exclusive blog on SheKnows.com

Our pop challenge is to help each other by stacking 25-pound cinder blocks over pictures of the remaining contestants. The last face still showing leaves the ranch. Lucky for me, Jackson leads the others to save me and basically volunteers to leave himself. Trust me, I knew all of the contestants wanted it to be me, and I couldn’t blame them. I had come off a very emotional week and they were all ready to see me leave.

In the end, Jackson, and Jeff, who volunteers to leave also, face the worst fear of all: life off the ranch.

I promise Jackson that I will not let him down and that I will work on things in the coming week. And I prove I am a woman of my word: The past week was the past and I’d learned so much about myself. It’s time to put it into practice.

Click here to read the rest of Gina McDonald’s exclusive week nine Biggest Loser blog.

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