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The Biggest Loser’s Alex Reid Talks About Her Experience

February 26, 2013 04:50 PM by Lisa Princ

Each week on The Biggest Loser Alex Reid seems to have a small loss, leaving her to feel that her best is never good enough. So you can imagine her heartbreak last night, when she lost a whopping eight pounds and still did not lose enough to keep her on the ranch. Today, Alex spoke with the media about her experience, her future, and Gina McDonald’s apology!

Many viewers felt for Alex Reid last night when she finally had a great weigh in number, yet it was still not good enough – that’s been the theme for Alex all season long. Today however, Alex was not disappointed about her elimination, instead she remained positive as she talked about all the positive changes she has made. Check out Alex’s interview below!

Alex Reid on how she views herself now:
You know, growing up I have always been told I was so pretty, and have such a pretty face. Looking in mirror before, I didn’t see that with my mom and my sister by my side. I didn’t see it, I didn’t understand it, I mean, I was overweight, so there was no way I could be beautiful. Being on the ranch, I realized beauty comes in all different shapes, all different sizes and all different colors. Beauty really is skin deep.

On how her expectations differed from the reality of the ranch:
My expectations of the ranch…I honestly thought in the beginning that they would take it a little easy on us. You know, that we would slowly get to working out so hard. Instead, we went head strong and we jumped into it. I also was a little naive going into it – I didn’t think of the game play. I never thought that was a major aspect of the game. I completely forget the game aspect of it all.

On her disappointment last night since she had such a great loss
Being on the scale is nerve-racking because you never know what will pop up, and you always have something you’ll expect for the week. I wanted to prove to the trainers that I was working hard. When Ali told me I had to lose more than eight, and I lost eight, it was heartbreaking to know that I gave it my all. It went back to my story of my best not being good enough. Instead of thinking “Wow, I just lost eight pounds,” it was more about the pressure of the weigh in.

On whether or not she still struggles with her best not being good enough:
I have conquered that, and I now believe that as long as give it my all, that my best is good enough. I used to take listen to what other people said. I no longer let the judgments of other people bother me anymore.

On Gina’s apology:
I forgave her. I think she was emotionally in a bad place. She’s not a bad person, I think she was dealing with something and that was the only way for her to deal with it. She apologized and I accepted it, I knew it was sincere. We were close when we were on the blue team.

Alex on her struggle with the trainers:
Yeah, that’s something that Jillian and I even had a conversation about. Jillian had no idea that prior me being on the ranch, that was something I was dealing with and needed to overcome. I had to tell her, that issue is what I wanted get away from, not to compare myself to others. I was there to focus on Alex and I wanted it to be about me.

What her routine is like now:
Basically, I go to the gym for 2 hours in the morning, another 2 hours in the afternoon, and an hour in the evening. I do have a trainer that I am working with. I have taken my experiences on the ranch and try to beat those. I take everything I did not overcome in each episode and try to make it my goal now. It’s much easier to push myself at home, because you’re not up against the game aspect of it. At home, you can remain focused on yourself. It’s a lot easier being at home to focus on you and the goal at hand.

Best of luck to Alex Reid, we look forward to seeing you at the finale!

What do you think of The Biggest Loser this season? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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