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Face Off 4 Recap: Zombie Attack & Alien Werewolves

February 27, 2013 10:27 AM by Ryan Haidet

The shoddy barn doors started shaking.  Blood-soaked fingers twisted out of the rickety, wooden gaps clawing for freedom.  Suddenly, dozens of zombies burst out of the barn and stumbled into the sunlight swirling up dust with their faulty feet, reaching for the final eight contestants on Face Off season 4.  It was an awesome way to introduce the motivation for their Foundation Challenge — to create a horde of zombies.  If this wasn’t cool enough, the main challenge took it a step further with alien werewolves.  Yes, werewolves from another planet.  Totally awesome!  Who won the challenge and who was eliminated?  We have all the details packed inside this article along with loads of close-up photos!

Making The Dead

Working in teams of two, their Foundation Challenge tasked each duo with transforming 20 people into a horde of zombies.  Since only one person on the team could win Immunity from the upcoming elimination, each contestant was strongly urged to create an individual zombie that showcases their own work.  When it was all wrapped up, guest judge Gale Anne Hurd (executive producer of “The Walking Dead”) selected Meagan/Anthony as the top team because she felt their zombies were the best.  In the end, Meagan was crowned the challenge champ and given Immunity.

Twisted Werewolves

As fog rolled by on a moon-lit night, the contestants were paired up once again to create an original werewolf that might exist on another planet in our solar system.  What an awesomely, crazy concept!  This show continues to amaze me with all of the creative tasks and outstanding finished makeups.  But this task wasn’t a simple transformation for some teams — especially one that really struggled with teamwork.

Here’s a look at all four finished werewolf makeups:


These two makeups were deemed the best of the challenge.

Wayne/Kris — Neptune: Judge Neville Page loved the detail on the spine calling it “beautiful work.”  Judge Glenn Hetrick loved the finished makeup, which was named the best of the challenge.  The panel then selected Kris as the winner based on the back’s sculptural detail.

House/Meagan — Mars: “I’m pretty happy with this,” Glenn said.  Judge Ve Neill loved that their model was able to move her mouth in the makeup — something the other finished werewolves weren’t able to do.  Overall, they felt like this makeup told a story.


These two makeups were deemed the worst of the challenge.

Eric F./Anthony — Saturn: While the wings were really cool, I don’t think the face was good enough.  “The head looks like a big, rubber Halloween mask,” Ve said.  Glenn said the proportions didn’t work well as the creature had a huge body, strangely shaped head and tiny feet.  While the judges thought it was a cool concept, they were starting to worry that Eric F. was coming up with ideas that are way too big.

Eric Z./Autumn — Jupiter: This creation was trouble right out of the gate as Autumn’s strong personality didn’t mesh well with Eric Z.  As she was sculpting their wolf’s face, Eric Z. felt like it looked too much like a pig.  And it did.  She let him take over, but wasn’t too happy about it.  When Michael Westmore, their mentor, stopped by the lab during the creation process, he pointed out the lack of work on the face.  Autumn quickly blamed it on Eric’s choice to resculpt it.  When their creation stood on the reveal stage, Eric was clearly embarrassed.  “It looks a chihuahua that’s just been shaved by a child,” he said in confessional.  “This is a nightmare,” Glenn said.  When Autumn tried to throw Eric under the bus, he spoke up and defended himself by saying he didn’t resculpt the face.  He did work on it, but never resculpted the entire face.  “It’s a match made in Hell,” Glenn added while pointing out that Autumn was walking all over Eric.  It was a no-brainer that this was selected as the worst finished makeup of the week.  Ultimately, the judges sent Autumn packing because she didn’t take ownership of the end result.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Did you agree with the judges on the best and worst finished makeups?  Who is your favorite contestant?  Who do you think is most talented?  What has been your favorite makeup so far this season?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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