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Nicki Minaj: American Idol Winner Will Be Female

February 28, 2013 01:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

During the┬álast few seasons of American Idol, several judges have earnestly predicted a female winner…only to be proven wrong time and time again. But Nicki Minaj thinks that things will change in 2013. What makes the new judge so confident?

The ladies often have a hard time of it on American Idol. Not for lack of talent, of course, but simply because the show tends to appeal to female viewers, who, in turn, vote for the cutest male singers. New judge Nicki Minaj says that’s all about to change — she’s absolutely positive that a female will beat out all the attractive guys to become this season’s champ.

Nicki told MTV, “The stars have aligned and the girls that have come to audition for us have had just had strong voices like I don’t know what. We narrowed it down to some great girls. I think we did a great job picking amazing voices, so I am actually hoping a girl wins this year.”

It is true that there are several very impressive female contenders on this season of American Idol. Examples include Angela Miller, Tenna Torris and Kree Harrison. But will their talent be enough to overcome the natural advantage guys seem to have in this singing competition? According to Nicki’s fellow judge Keith Urban, the answer is yes! Keith says that while the male singers are strong, the females simply have better vocals and better artistry overall. Keith also feels that the presence of such amazing female vocalists this season may have something to do with the fact that there are two powerful women on the judging panel, neither of whom are afraid to express their opinions. “This is a global vocal powerhouse and any girl, I think, would love the opportunity to sing for Mariah and get feedback from her and get direction from her.”

Do you think this season’s winner will be a woman? Sound off in the comments section below!

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