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RTVM Exclusive: Joey Fatone Dishes On Hosting ‘My Family Recipe Rocks’

February 28, 2013 12:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Joey Fatone danced his way into the hearts of fans on season four of Dancing With The Stars, where he ended the season as the runner-up, and then shocked fans during the all-star season when he was eliminated in the second week. If you’re a fan of the former *NSYNC member and DWTS alum, you’re in luck, because Fatone is hosting a family cooking series, My Family Recipe Rocks! Joey sat down today to chat with RTVM about the series, and of course, his stint on DWTS.

Being a good ole Italian boy, it was a no-brainer when Dancing With The Stars alum, Joey Fatone was asked about hosting a cooking series. We caught up with Fatone today, who dished about the show, My Family Recipe Rocks, which airs on the Live Well Network. Check out Joey’s interview below!

RTVM: Tell us about My Family Recipe Rocks.

Joey Fatone: My Family Recipe Rocks airs on The Live Well Network, and basically, we focus on homegrown cooks and their homemade specialties from around the country. In the upcoming new episode, I travel to Dallas, Texas and meet up with the group Real Men Cook. Real Men Cook are a group of guys that help boys who have been battered, or have no families. It’s a great idea, and it’s exciting as most of these guys have come from divorced homes, or troubled homes. They all love to cook though, and teach the kids recipes that have been handed down for generation. It’s a very heart warming episode.

The great thing about My Family Recipe Rocks is that even if you don’t get the Live Well Network, you can go on to their website to check out the episodes and even get the recipes to make at home.

RTVM: How did you become involved in the show?

Joey Fatone: [laughing] I lost a bet. No, just kidding. I’ve done some cooking, and being Italian, I love to cook…and eat. One day I was approached by the network, and thought I would give it a try. I’ve had a great time doing it. We shot 20 episodes for the first season, and we’re working on the second season.

RTVM: How do you juggle hosting the show with your family life?

Joey Fatone: One day at a time. Actually, the great thing about this show is we take time out. It’s very flexible for my schedule.

RTVM: Since you love to cook, do you do most of the cooking at your home? And are your daughters involved in cooking the family meals?

Joey Fatone: My wife and I share the cooking. Sometimes I cook my specialities. I have actually started taking recipes from the show, and incorporating them at home. I have a lot of secret family recipes that I have learned from my dad, such as Italian pasta, meatballs…I’d always call my dad when I needed help with a recipe. My 11-year-old loves to help us cook, and she already knows how to make the family meatballs.

RTVM: Let’s talk Dancing With The Stars for a moment. How disappointing was to be eliminated the second week this past season?

Joey Fatone: It sucked. Plain and simple. I was definitely shocked and disappointed, but you just have to roll with the punches. I was excited to be there a second time and I had a great time.

RTVM: How did it feel to come in second place during your original stint on the show?

Joey Fatone: It was great. I mean, I didn’t win, but once I made it to the top three, it was amazing.

RTVM: Do you still chat with the other guys from *NSYNC?

Joey Fatone: All the time, actually. I just spoke with Justin recently, as well as Lance. I had lunch with J.C. the other day.

RTVM: Any chance of a reunion?

Joey Fatone: You never know. Maybe not right now, but you just never know what the future holds.

Thank you so much to Joey Fatone for chatting with us today! For more on Joey, be sure to tune into My Family Recipe Rocks on the Live Well Network! You can also check out the show, and get the recipes for yourself at livewellnetwork.com.

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  2. Terry Levesque Says:
    June 13th, 2013 at 9:20 am

    I need the ingredents.He says its on Livewellnetwork.com,but i cant find it .Is it possible for it to be sent to my E-Mail ?

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    well its already 12:20 pm so i guees i already missed it .is there anyother way for me to find it?

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