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Survivor: Caramoan Interview — Hope Driskill Discusses Frustrations With Shamar Thomas

February 28, 2013 05:56 PM by Ryan Haidet

Despite Shamar Thomas and his constant bullying at the Gota camp, his alliance has kept him safe.  As a result, Hope Driskill was their target and became the third castaway voted off Survivor: Caramoan — Fans Vs. Favorites.  In an exit interview with reporters, Hope talked about her frustrations surrounding Shamar, what she wished viewers would have seen from her on the show and which member of the Favorites tribe she wanted to play the game with.

Question: Did you know you were getting voted out?

Hope Driskill: I had it in my mind all day long that I was potentially on the chopping block and I think that everyone was really nervous all day long.  I definitely knew that there was a possibility that I would be going home.  But at the same time, going into Tribal Council, I still had that optimistic feeling that just maybe Laura and Julia would do what they said they were gonna do and switch over to vote with us.  It was really devastating.  I did not want to go.

Question: What was going through your mind when Shamar revealed his alliance’s plan to split the vote between you and Eddie?

Hope Driskill: That was one hard scene to watch (haha).  Thinking back to that particular day, our tribe was just in chaos.  There was so much paranoia, so much anxiety, so much strategizing going on and no one really trusted anyone. …  He’s sitting there telling me this, and in the back of my mind I know that he really dislikes Eddie and Reynold, but I kind of thought he disliked me as well.  I was on his “no-talking list” for crying out loud.  I couldn’t understand why exactly he was telling me his own alliance’s plan and I didn’t really trust him.  So I stuck with my gut and I didn’t end up what Shamar suggested.

Question: What are your thoughts on his consideration to quit?

Hope Driskill: That’s just Shamar.  I think that the most upsetting and frustrating thing for me is that I wanted to be there so bad.  In my opinion, I don’t think Shamar really even wanted to be there.  He kept saying he wanted to go home.  He was making life miserable for everyone.  It was so frustrating because I wanted to put him out of his own misery and we should have sent him home.

Question: Is Sherri truly Shamar’s strongest ally and protector or is there another player involved?

Hope Driskill: Essentially, Shamar is Sherri’s puppet.  Shamar does whatever Sherri says and she really is the one that’s keeping him around. …

Question: Last week when I interviewed Allie, she said Shamar is far worse in person than we’re seeing on television.  Would you agree with that?

Hope Driskill: It’s funny because you’re only seeing what an hour of clips of what he’s doing — but we had to deal with him 24/7.  Nonstop.  The Shamar that you see on TV is the Shamar that happened day in and day out.  We just had to deal with a lot more of it.  I’m not sure that the show even does it justice.

Question: Once the finale and reunion show is all finished, is Shamar somebody you will stay in touch with?

Hope Driskill: I would try to keep in touch with him because I think this is just such a crazy experience and one that not many people can share.  But at the same time, you heard him, he said I was on his “no-talking list.”  I’m not sure if that’s for life or it was just on the show.  I guess we’ll have to see what happens (laughs).

Question: How tired are you of talking about Shamar?

Hope Driskill: (Laughs) You know, I kind of am.  I’m kind of upset that a lot of the other interviews didn’t air because it was just so Shamar-focused like a Shamar Survivor episode.  I’m irritated because you hear so much about him, he pretty much owns the entire episode, and yet he’s sitting there saying he doesn’t want to be there.  Oh, goodness.  Shamar.  It’s definitely frustrating.

Question: Do you think it was a mistake making such a tight four-way alliance at the beginning of the game with Reynold, Eddie and Allie?

Hope Driskill: No.  Not at all.  The way that it was portrayed on TV was like they have four and this alliance has six.  But in reality what was happening was, I didn’t even see us an alliance of four.  I thought it was a secret alliance of five.  Matt was like our secret weapon.  That’s what we referred to him as.  We honestly believed that he was voting with us.  I think our secret alliance with Matt was a really good move, a strong move.  But Survivor is all about making and breaking alliances.  Matt (laughs) demonstrated that and unfortunately our numbers came up short.

Question: Of the Favorites tribe, who would you have wanted to work with?

Hope Driskill: It would actually probably be Brenda.  I just see her as being someone who seems very trustworthy and a strong competitor.  I watched her play before and she’s definitely one of my favorites.

Question: Since we didn’t really get to see a whole lot of you on the show, is there one thing you wished would have made it on TV of your experience?

Hope Driskill: I just wish everybody could have seen the game through my eyes.  I had countless interviews of my strategy going in and what was going on.  I really wish that the viewers had gotten a better look at that.  They didn’t.  I definitely wish that they could have seen more into my mind.

What are your thoughts on what Hope had to say?  Were you sad she was voted off?  How much longer do you think Shamar will last?  Do you think he’ll eventually call it quits?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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