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The Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All

March 04, 2013 08:04 PM by Candace Young

Last week, Sean Lowe‘s overnights ended in overwhelming intensity on The Bachelor as he decided to let an absolutely floored AshLee go. Catherine and Lindsay were left as Sean’s final two. Could the girl who wore a wedding dress at the beginning of the season (Lindsay) end up wearing an engagement ring at the end? We won’t find out until next week as tonight is the Women Tell All chirpfest. Juicy highlights after the jump…

Tonight, Chris Harrison gets the audience revved up by mentioning Sean shirtless before promising that the finale will be ‘one of the most dramatic ever in The Bachelor history’. Ya sure. Been there, done that.

Footage of Sean and Chris crashing viewing parties is shown – including a stop at a sorority house – screamapalooza!

After the girls are brought in, Harrison gets right to the point by bringing up the drama in the house. It seems they all got along well, but Tierra was the drama. They all claim to have tried with her to no avail.  Chris asks about Tierra’s fall down the stairs – real or fake? The freezing in the lake – real or fake? The consensus from the women and the audience is ‘fake’ on both counts.

Robyn tells Chris if she could do it over again she would ignore Tierra – she’s not worth her time. Harrison responds by revealing that Tierra is backstage, pleads with everyone to hear her out, and introduces her.

Tierra immediately has the women exchanging looks, shaking their heads, and smirking as she claims the other girls judged her before seeing her inner light – she lights up a room!  She goes on to admit that she had no interest in befriending the other women.

Chris prods Tierra – did she feel bullied? Tierra says she definitely did. He asks if she has any regrets or anything she’d like to apologize for. She doesn’t and claims complete innocence – she never provoked anybody. Uh oh…

The first to confront her is Robyn, who calls her delusional.  Selma calls her out for being blatantly rude to her in Canada. It turns out she refused to so much as return a ‘good morning’ greeting to many of the women. It’s important to note at this point that not one girl on the panel is disputing this version of events or defending Tierra – telling!

The AshLee/Tierra conflict is brought up by Chris Harrison and they get into it. Lesley is asked about what happened in St. Croix. She says Tierra made her own bed…or cot, and AshLee was tough, but someone had to be.  Tierra takes another tack – saying she was scared and handled things the wrong way – she apologizes. No one’s buying it.

Harrison asks Tierra about her eyebrow, her sparkle, and the sparkler on her finger. She’s engaged to someone she dated before Sean. There’s another odd moment when Chris asks how long she’s been engaged and she replies, “No comment.” She later says she got engaged in January, but reveals nothing about the man even when Chris asks if it’s a hoax.

Sarah Herron joins Chris in the hot seat to watch the footage of Sean blindsiding her when he sent her home. She becomes teary rehashing it and says she always gets the same line from guys – she feels a lot of girls can relate. Sarah wonders if it’s the one arm, but says that on The Bachelor she learned about self-acceptance and being vulnerable. Chris wishes her well.

Sean also sent Desiree (Des) home – rather shockingly to many viewers who thought they were a perfect match. Des also thought so. She reiterates that to Chris. They get around to discussing the hometown date – does she feel her brother sabotaged the relationship? Des admits it sure didn’t help! She has an optimistic outlook on the future and is open to love.

Chris makes light of himself by referring to ‘the most dramatic rose ceremony ever’ – last week’s when Sean sent AshLee home. On the hot seat, AshLee confirms she fell in love and opened up like never before. Chris asks about her dramatic exit. She says she was shocked – Sean had lead her to believe it was a done deal  – he’d even talked about how she would be best friends with his sister.

AshLee goes on to say that she’s not still in love with him – watching the show back made her feel he acted like a frat boy with the other girls – it was different than when he was with her.

Sean is brought out and AshLee is able to ask him what happened. Sean tells her she was a frontrunner from the beginning but ultimately he dreamed of finding his best friend and having a family full of laughter – he had trouble finding that laughter with her. E-mo-tion-al! She questions him not coming to check on her afterward. He thinks it would have made it worse. AshLee calls him out on saying things on the overnight that made her believe she was ‘the one’. Sean’s at a loss to explain what it’s like to be The Bachelor and fall in love with three women at one time. AshLee claims he told her he had no feelings for the other two. Sean’s eyes dart around as he denies it. She rephrases it – he said there was nothing there with those two. He disagrees with it on the record, but later apologizes if he mislead AshLee.

Harrison then asks Sean what he has to say to Des. They smile and giggle at each other. Chris notes the chemistry and asks what went wrong. Sean claims that sometimes he felt like Des hid things behind her smile. They share a laugh about her brother. Sean says he made the best decision for him and for Des.

The blooper reel features booms, corks, and bugs…and Sean shirtless with Harrison…

Footage is shown of Sean’s journeys with both Lindsay and Catherine, followed by sneak peeks from next week’s finale! Who do you think Sean should choose? Let us know!

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2 Responses to “The Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All”

  1. ANNIE.O Says:
    March 4th, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    i believe ashley is right…when she said that he said…the other two don’t matter much…cause he did say on camera before that….you are my best friend and mate so far…enjoy you the most….so sean is lying once again….and i don’t see what the women see in him…he is NOT handsome..just odd….and whats with the red blotches on his face most of the time….s skin problem??? i noticed it a few times after the makeup wore off…not a handsome guy at all……..certainly nothing to fall in love with…maybe it is the $$$$$$$ ashley was the most sparky with him…i don’t see catherine or lindley with any spark…none at all…but i am sure he will pick lindsey..cause catherine is just a little toooo immature…with the crying and all……sad….but….. HE SHOULD HAVE CHOSEN ASHLEY…SHE WAS THE REAL THING !!!!!

  2. flo mcdonald Says:
    March 6th, 2013 at 9:38 am

    i think hes got the best twi at least. th eyes tell and ashlee had bad behind the eyes communication.


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