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The Face Exclusive Blog With Stephanie Lalanne: Week Three

March 04, 2013 02:30 PM by Christine McDow

Last weeks episode of The Face was the best so far! Stephanie seems to agree. See what she has to say in her blog from last week, while getting ready to watch the new episode airing tomorrow night!

This last episode of The Face did not disappoint and I’m back to talk about it!

It starts out with a timed runway quick-change challenge. Karolina goes first and shows us how its done and literally throws her clothes off and on so quickly I barely had time to blink. This challenge requires you to move fast, and try and do a full quick change and whoever gets the best time wins $5,000 to Marshall’s. So ultimately, you should move pretty fast which is a concept I clearly didn’t understand at the time. I definitely wasn’t even IN the running but I was happy that Margaux won the challenge because she deserved it. Apparently, Devyn did not think she deserved it by her very good natured (not) questioning of whether Margaux followed the rules or not. I for one definitely needed to do better in the campaign.

We arrive for the campaign and it’s pretty obvious it’s going to consist of runway. And also not just any clothes, WEDDING DRESSES.

I’m freaking out that I have to walk my first runway with a huge dress and then, Nigel drops a bomb (like he often does). By the way ladies, we have to walk down stairs of DOOM. For some reason the simple act of going down a flight of stairs becomes a life-risking ordeal when having to wear a huge wedding gown. I was so nervous when we were practicing I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it out of this challenge alive. The other girls have done runway before so I’m going to have to step it up this time. We finally get into our dresses from the amazing Kleinfeld’s and the show begins! Walking down the stairs I’ve never been more internally frightened in my whole life and falling down the stairs was not an option. When the applause erupted half way down the flight I just about passed out. So happy I made it to the end in one piece! The other girls did extremely well and even with Margaux’s slip up I have to say she recovered quite nicely (and really enjoyed her arm wave on the way down :D). When it came to the client reviewing the show and our performance, I was surprised that he didn’t remember Brittany at all. I felt like her being in a black dress was extremely memorable!

Zi Lin and her (whale of a dress) definitely made an impression and I think ultimately helped Team Naomi with another win. But with that win comes the most excruciating part of this competition, Team Coco losing and ultimately another elimination.

At this point in the competition I think I’ve just come to EXPECT that I’m going to elimination because, you know, it’s me. But with Brittany being sent instead, I for once am not the girl in the hot seat (although I’m nervous for Brit). Waiting to see who comes back was a new experience for me and was definitely a tense moment. With Ebony coming back, I’m sad that Brittany’s going home but also terrified seeing as Team Coco has been slashed in half. Now the pressure is on with even more attention on my newbie self (here we go).

And so, another episode of The Face has passed and I’m already eager to watch next week!

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