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Celebrity Wife Swap Recap: The Rapper And The Rocker

March 05, 2013 07:09 PM by Megan Thompson

Celebrity Wife Swap is all new tonight on ABCLast week, it was the celebrity women doing the switch – but this week it’s the men.  Can you imagine Coolio as your dad?  Well, Mark McGrath and Coolio get new wives and one woman realizes her relationship with her man “really sucks.”

Carin and Mark McGrath have been together for over 18 years and have a set of two-year old twins.  “I’m very hands on,” Mark says about his relationship with his children.  His wife, Carin, thinks that he hovers a little too much and she refers to him as a helicopter dad.  It might be a loud household, but Carin has a lot of help from her nanny and housekeeper. 

Then there is Coolio, the award-winning rapper, and his girlfriend Mimi.  MiMi has three children, but Coolio is not the biological father of any of them.  “Coolio loves to go out,” MiMi complains to the cameras.  While Coolio is out partying, MiMi is out working her two jobs. Yes, two jobs!  She is a bartender and a exotic dancer at night, but a normal mom during the day.  MiMi does the laundry, cooking, and all the cleaning of the house. 

The morning of the swap the mother’s pack their bags and head to the unknown household.  After finding some music awards, both wives learn whose house they will be living in for the week.  “Oh poor thing,” is what Carin says when she learns that MiMi has no help with the kids.  Just then Coolio walks in with the three kids.  The youngest boy is very nervous about meeting his new mom, but Coolio doesn’t seem to care.  Thank goodness the poor boy has his older sister to comfort him.  Back in California Mark learns that his new wife for the week is Coolio’s girlfriend and seems pretty happy.  He even blurts out that he has probably seen her dance in Vegas. Awkward – especially since his in-laws were there too!

It’s dinner time for both families.  Mimi is appalled that Mark lets the twins watch TV while they eat, but she is even more shocked by the bedtime routine.  “Unless they are bleeding or sick don’t come in my room,” MiMi tells the cameras.  It is very common for the twins to sleep with Mark and not in their own beds.  But while it’s bedtime for the twins, the night is just beginning for Carin.  Carin is working MiMi’s bartending gig and is hating every minute of it.  While Carin is working, Coolio is finally serving the kids dinner and decides to take a nap before going to bed. 

The next day, Carin wakes up after sleeping for only three hours to get the kids to school.  Mind you, Coolio is still sleeping from his nap before bedtime! Plus, he didn’t even clean the kitchen after he cooked dinner last night.  Carin has to do the family chores and is so annoyed when she can hear Coolio snoring.  Don’t worry, he comes hopping down the steps by noon to go golfing. “A woman’s work is never done, ” Coolio tells her as he runs out the door to meet his buddies. After a long day the youngest boy begins to cry and asks where Coolio is.  Carin has had enough and wants to talk to the oldest daughter about her relationship with Coolio.  “I don’t spend time with Coolio, he is busy or out of town,” she tells Carin.

It’s the complete opposite in the McGrath household.  Mark is hovering over the kids, while MiMi tries to get the twins dressed.   There is no doubt that the twins run this household and it is driving MiMi nuts.  She finally tells the boy quitely to stop playing with a  toy and when he listens to her – Mark is shocked! 

Finally it is time for the wives to lay down the new rules in the households. “The new rules are going to be really strict,” MiMi shares.  Carin is confident that she can handle Coolio, because she always gets her way. 

In an effort to get to know Coolio,  Carin sets up lunch outside so they can chat.  “You should be connecting with those kids more,” Carin advises Coolio. But Coolio feels that she is getting too personal and feels she is way out of line.  It’s a completely different meal time at the McGrath’s house, the whole family is enjoying dinner together.  But then Mark starts hovering over the kids and MiMi sends him to a time-out.  Yes, Mark has to sit on a yellow chair with a helicopter hat on.  Finally, Mark gets out of time out and tries to learn about MiMi and Coolio’s relationship.  Then it’s time for the dreaded bedtime routine, where MiMi shows Mark how to put the kids in their own beds. It’s like an episode of Super Nanny, MiMi gets the kids to sleep without a fight.

After much debate, Carin finally convinces Coolio to go ice skating with the kids.  “It really meant a lot to me that Coolio put in the effort, ” the daughter shares.  And it actually looks like Coolio is enjoying the activity.  He even makes dinner with the whole family, without Coolio complaining.  They start to look like a real family instead of just roommates.

It’s time for the wives to say goodbye to their swap families and reunite with their own. Both couples sit at the table and share stories of the week they had together.  Right away, MiMi tells Carin that she needs to let her twins grow up. Now it’s Carin’s turn to tell about her week with Coolio. She shares that Coolio is very hard to get to know. If that is code word for not doing any work and sleeping all day, then yes he is hard to get to know. Then MiMi turns to Coolio and tells him that their relationship really sucks! Obviously, Coolio doesn’t take this information well and wants to walk away.  Finally, Coolio admits that he has been selfish and needs to spend more time with his loved ones.

But wait – in the six week check-up we learn that MiMi has moved out!  I guess MiMi learned a lot during this wife swap!

What did you think of tonight’s swap?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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4 Responses to “Celebrity Wife Swap Recap: The Rapper And The Rocker”

  1. Rob Says:
    March 5th, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    Coolio needs to let that brick wall fall down. He’s a hurt man and doesn’t enjoy the love that surrounds him. He’s way too distant and it’s sad. He doesn’t realize how wonderful it ‘could’ be, just like the ice skating ordeal… Get out there and spend time with the folks around you and be nice and show some sort of affection.

  2. Carie Says:
    March 5th, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    You just write a blow by blow synopsis of what happened on the show. No opinions, no input, no snark, I saw the show, i don’t understand this article. What’s there to comment on?

  3. harry nagel Says:
    March 6th, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Just shoot me for reading this stuff.

  4. lisa Says:
    March 7th, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    coolio is such a downgrade yuck who would want him as there man or even want them around her kids he is such a low life and a crackhead! yuck no black women want him! so white women you can keep him!


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