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Face Off 4 Recap: Glow-In-The-Dark Challenge Brings Double Elimination

March 05, 2013 09:07 PM by Ryan Haidet

Not only did Face Off deliver one of the coolest challenges ever, it doubled up the drama for this week’s episode as two of the remaining seven contestants were eliminated.  The aspiring makeup artists were tasked with creating a new species that might live in any of earth’s ecosystems.  That wasn’t the cool part.  What took this challenge over the top in awesomeness came in the form of darkness because these creations also had to have two distinct looks — the second of which would only become visible by glowing in the dark under blacklights.  The stakes and stress were high — especially when one contestant had a medical concern that pulled them away from the competition.  We have all the details and loads of photos (34 total!) buried inside this article!  Enjoy!

Medical Concerns

After everybody had their concepts in mind, sculpting began.  But that first day of the creation process wasn’t an easy one for Meagan.  As she was sculpting the face of her creature, Meagan said she was feeling nauseous, hot and dizzy.  She quickly walked away from her project and asked a producer off camera if she could go to the hospital.  Despite not wanting to be so far behind, Meagan was taken away from the lab to seek medical attention.  She returned for day two having been diagnosed with a case of food poisoning.  Although she wasn’t feeling 100 percent, Meagan was determined to succeed at the task.

As it has seemed to be the case for most of the challenges this season, Eric F. chose to go bigger than the rest of his competitors — but it’s also the reason he was so far behind and didn’t have much time to review his options with the luminescent paints.

Here’s a closer look at all seven finished makeups:

While the concept for the challenge was amazing, most of the makeups weren’t that great.  In fact, it seemed many of the finished creations didn’t really showcase the glow-in-the-dark element (my favorite part of the task) because several of the contestants poorly used the luminescent paints.


Kris: I really like Kris a lot and I think he has created some awesome makeups this season, but this piece just seemed very strange.  It was just really weird.  While the entire panel really liked his sculpting work, judge Ve Neill felt the creature didn’t look as good in natural light as it did under the blacklights.  I do think this makeup looks much better in the photos below than it came across on television.  What do you think?

Eric F.: Just plain weird.  That’s all I can really say about this work.  I know he was going for a translucent effect, but it just didn’t work out this time.  And it seemed the judges didn’t really have much to add either other than the fact that they really liked the way its legs glowed in the blacklights, which was EXTREMELY effective (check it out below!)


These makeups were ranked by the judges as the best of the challenge.

Anthony: When Anthony’s creation walked out on stage, I was in absolute awe.  This guy is definitely the best overall makeup artist in this competition and is most deserving of winning the whole shebang.  The judges loved it, too.  “It’s a beautiful-looking piece,” judge Neville Page gushed.  Ve said the way he utilized the luminescent paints was a huge success.  I couldn’t agree more.  He was the only person who really played the glow-in-the-dark element to his advantage.  It’s for all those reasons that Anthony was crowned the winner of the challenge.  “Your creature was a standout in both lighting conditions,” judge Glenn Hetrick declared.  “Very very strong work.”

Wayne: This was a really awesome makeup!  The judges loved the detail he included in the sculpt, but Ve was very disappointed there was hardly any glow-in-the-dark luminescent paint.


These makeups were ranked by the judges as the worst of the challenge. Two of these three were eliminated.

House: “I’m not too thrilled with the way she appears under the blacklight and the hands are absolutely atrocious,” Ve said.  Neville criticized the pieces on the neck, while Glenn openly disliked the color choices.

Meagan:  As the judges expressed their disappointment with her work, Meagan told them she was sick during the first day.  Ultimately, the judges didn’t feel like her work was successful enough and she was the first person sent packing in the double elimination.  Sadly, her ouster also means there are no females left in the competition.

Eric Z.: “For me, he just looks like a big cookie monster,” Ve said.  “You have got to do better than this,” Neville said before adding that the creation isn’t even close to camera-ready.  He was the second person eliminated for his lackluster work.  This actually really surprised me because I thought the facial sculpture was actually decent.

What are your thoughts on this episode?  Did you agree with the judges on the best and worst finished makeups?  Who is your favorite contestant?  Who do you think is most talented?  What has been your favorite makeup so far this season?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Images courtesy of SyFy.

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