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Mila Kunis Assists Star-Struck Fan With Interview

March 05, 2013 10:51 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Mila Kunis is hot stuff right now, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that certain parties find themselves struck dumb when in the presence of the actress and girlfriend of Punk’d victim Ashton Kutcher. Fortunately, Mila happens to be one of the most gracious interviewees in the celeb world.

With Oz: The Great And Powerful coming out in the near future, Mila Kunis has been super busy traversing the interview circuit. Typically, during an interview, Mila answers a few questions about her latest project and then dodges the obligatory delving into her love life. But the celeb’s latest interview with superfan Chris Stark was anything but ordinary.

After asking Mila a few questions about dressing up as a witch and “being ugly for once,” Chris went on to ask the actress if he was doing alright. Mila was very encouraging, complimenting Chris and asking how he was feeling. He explained that he felt extremely nervous, but at the same time, was feeling very excited about telling his friends and getting “lad points.” Mila added that he deserved a free drink when he met his friends down at the pub, for, as she put it, “you’re doing a fantastic job buddy.”

While Mila was impressed with Chris’ interview skills, she was not quite as enthused about his choice of drink: Jagbombs. She informed Chris that his choice of alcoholic beverage “sounds like the worst drink ever.” Still, she told him that, once she’s no longer deathly ill, she’d be happy to join Chris and “his boys” at the local pub.

The remainder of the interview was just as delightfully awkward as the beginning. Check it out for yourself and then tell us what you think!

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Photo Credit: VH1

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