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Teen Mom 2 Recap: The Future Is Now

March 05, 2013 04:53 AM by Donna W. Martin

The drama continued on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 as the moms tried to decide what was best for their futures. Leah had a hard time figuring out if she wanted to be with Jeremy or if she wanted to be with Corey. Jenelle looked forward to getting off probation and hooking up with Kieffer. Chelsea was still waiting to see if she’s pregnant. And Kailyn has to face Jo for the first time since they went to court. Who broke up? Who got along? And who avoided each other? Keep reading to see how it all went down.


Leah was still confused because she had feelings for both Jeremy and Corey, but she knew she needed to make up her mind about who she wanted to be with. She had hoped being with Jeremy would help her feelings for Corey go away but that hadn’t happened.

She wanted to see if she and Corey could work things out for the sake of the girls and keep their family together, but she was afraid he would crush her all over again. While Jeremy was away for work, she went to Jeremy’s new house to talk to him. She told him he needed to be all in and not go back and forth or she was moving on. Corey admitted he wasn’t sure what he wanted and said they needed to take things slow.

Corey and Leah decided to go to counseling together to learn how to communicate with each other and see if they could work things out and get back together. And Leah decided it would be best if she broke things off with Jeremy while she tried to work things out with Corey.

When Jeremy got back home from work, Leah told him she had decided to go to counseling with Corey. Jeremy asked if they were pretty much done and she said yes. He told her that he wanted to be with her and that he had put up with a lot of sh*t just to get sh*t on. Then he told her that once he got his stuff and left, it was over. Leah said if it’s meant to be it will be.

Jeremy gathered his things, took back his engagement ring, and left. Leah sat on the couch crying.


Jenelle and Gary hadn’t seen each other since their fight but she didn’t seem to care. She was looking forward to getting off probation in a few days so she could see Kieffer. He had been texting her saying how much he loved and missed her. She bought him a bus ticket so he could come to see her.

She talked to her mom, Barbara about getting off probation and she cautioned her about not going back to her old ways especially with Kieffer. But Jenelle shrugged it off saying people change.

A few days later, Jenelle went to court and was taken off probation. Later, she met Kieffer at the bus station to pick him up. He told her he had gotten his GED while in prison and that he had missed her and thought about her every day.


Chelsea was adjusting to going to school full time and was learning a lot. It had been two weeks since she hooked up with Adam and she hadn’t heard anything from him. And she was starting to get worried because she hadn’t had her period yet.

Adam called and said he wanted to get together to hang out and spend some time with Aubree. Chelsea agreed and told him she would text him later to schedule everything. But when she texted him, he was slow to respond. When he texted her back, he said he was too tired to hang out and was going to go to bed early.

But when Chelsea got on Facebook, she saw one of his posts saying he was going to a movie that night. Chelsea texted him and asked him if he was ditching Aubree for a movie and he said no, he wasn’t ditching Aubree, he was ditching her.

Finally, Chelsea got her period so she’s definitely not pregnant. Yay! Later she met up with her friend Laura and they talked about Adam. She said she always regrets anything she does with him and that she has a doctor’s appointment to get on birth control so there will not be any more babies.


Kailyn took Isaac to Jo’s parents’ house to drop him off for visitation. The exchange was awkward and they only spoke in reference to Isaac’s cold. Kailyn had a hard time leaving Isaac because she had had him for three weeks straight.

In the meantime, Jo and his mom spent time with Isaac and discussed the court ordered co-parenting classes he had to take with Kailyn. His mom told him he had to maintain a relationship with Kailyn for Isaac’s sake. He agreed and said he was keeping his girlfriend, Vee and Kailyn away from each other.

Later, Kailyn talked to Javi about the exchange and the court order. She explained that he and Vee could not be present when she and Jo exchanged Isaac and that they had to go to family counseling to learn how to co-parent Isaac. Javi accused her of making excuses for Jo but she denied it and said she just needed the drama to be gone.

When Jo brought Isaac home, they didn’t talk.

The next day, Kailyn tried to sort out her school schedule and get caught up in her classes. She talked to her friend Anthony and he told her she needed to apply herself. She said she did good at school but when she got home, she got sidetracked.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did Leah make a mistake letting Jeremy go? Will things work out between her and Corey? And is Jenelle in for more trouble with Kieffer? Post a comment and let us know.

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