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Survivor: Caramoan Recap — An Eye-Opening Emergency

March 06, 2013 07:49 PM by Ryan Haidet

It was a double whammy on Survivor: Caramoan — Fans Vs. Favorites as two people found themselves out of the game by the end of the episode.  In addition to somebody getting voted out at Tribal Council, one castaway was medically evacuated from the competition for an eye injury.  If that wasn’t even for ya, one tribe had a very special visit from Ta-Ta.  Who?  Huh?  How?  Find out all the gritty details inside!

A Tiny Prize

This episode delivered the first Reward challenge of the season in which both tribes competed for a prize we haven’t seen in many many seasons: Having a special visit from a local tribesman who could help teach them about how to better survive on the land.  After another close competition, the Favorites won yet again.  Strangely, Shamar started celebrating because he thought his tribe had actually won.  Dope.

When the Favorites returned to camp, they were quickly greeted by their massive prize that was small in stature.  The tribesman, Ta-Ta, rushed around and showed them everything he knew from easily cooking rice to building a better shelter.  It was cool seeing this Reward offered again because it really does seem like an extremely valuable opportunity.  Ta-Ta, who Malcolm hilariously compared to Gollum, was very pleased to be there, too, because the Bikal beauties offered him loads of attention and a couple of kisses.

A Pain In The Ass Eye

Shamar, continuing his lazy ways, suddenly decided that his tribemates were now assigned with the task of personally delivering rice to him at least once a day.  Seriously, could this guy be any more unaware of himself?  Shortly after making that demand, Shamar winced in the shelter and announced he scratched his eyeball while trying to get a piece of sand out.  The next morning, his eye got puffy and swollen.  “I’m not thinking about the game, I just kind of want my eye fixed a little bit,” Shamar said with his head down in confessional.  It wasn’t long before the medical team arrived at Gota’s camp with host Jeff Probst to evaluate Shamar’s condition.  Using an orange dye, the medics were able to see a divot in his eye near the pupil, which they feared could negatively impact his vision.  The medics suggested he leave the competition so he could have his eye treated properly.  Probst summoned the tribe and announced the news that Shamar was being removed from the game.  He said his goodbyes before Eddie and Sherri escorted him to the shore where a boat swept him away.

Much like Colton Cumbie getting evacuated from Survivor: One World, Shamar’s negative attitude finally caught up with him and karma sank its teeth in.  While I hope your eye healed up, Shamar, I am thoroughly pleased your time in the game is done.  I have always appreciated watching a good villain, but you were absolutely miserable in every way.

Strength Vs. Loyalty

After the Fans lost the Immunity challenge, scrambling started as Matt approached Reynold with a plan to target Laura next.  Matt was aiming at her because he felt like she was a huge hindrance for their success in challenges.  Spot on, man.  Laura has seemed to be a major problem in helping with the challenges.  Reynold was suspicious, but Matt was definitely serious because he made his next push against Laura to Sherri.  Sherri, however, was very concerned about the situation because that would make her and Julia the last two Gota women standing.

At Tribal Council, Reynold pushed the fact that he and Eddie are both physically stronger than other people in their tribe, which is why they should keep .  Sherri (very smartly) pointed out that their strength hasn’t been helping them whatsoever because they are still losing.  Before the votes were read, Reynold stood up and played his Idol.  Sadly, he didn’t need to play it at all because everybody voted against Laura — even Sherri.

What did you think of the episode?  What did you think of Shamar’s medical evacuation?  Were you surprised Laura was voted out?  If you were Reynold, would you have played the hidden Idol at that Tribal Council or would you have waited a bit longer?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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