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The Face Recap: Marshalls’ Spring Look Book Campaign

March 06, 2013 10:37 AM by Donna W. Martin

On this week’s episode of Oxygen‘s,  The Face, airing on Tuesdays at 9/8c, the eight remaining models learned the importance of movement in modeling before tackling a look book campaign for Marshalls’ spring line. Who made it through to next week? And who was sent home? Take the jump to find out.

Test Shoot

This week’s test shoot was about movement. Nigel explained that modeling and movement are intertwined. Then he introduced choreographer Salim Gauwloos who said the energy and intent behind each step is what’s most important.

Salim worked with the models teaching them a dance routine they later used during a photo shoot to get the perfect picture.

Coco was the judge of this week’s test shoot. She said she was looking for control to get their body to do what they wanted it to, timing to capture the perfect movement to get the perfect shot, and an expression that would show their personality in the photo.

Devyn couldn’t seem to get the dance moves down and became aggravated but she improved during the photo shoot. Overall, everybody did a good job but Ebony was able to capture the perfect photo and this week’s prize, a home gym from Mad Dogg Athletics.

Campaign – Marshalls Spring Look Book

This week’s campaign was a look book showcasing Marshalls’ latest line of spring fashion dresses. The models were allowed to choose their dresses and accessories but the coaches didn’t totally agree and made a few changes.

Guest judge, Jen chose the winning team based on overall appearance, creativity using props, and movement and expression, but not before doling out some critical comments.

Team Naomi won the challenge for the third week in a row. Their campaign photos will be featured on the Marshalls website, their Facebook page, and on usmagazine.com.

Sandra from Team Naomi was a little too overjoyed about their victory for fellow teammate Jocelyn’s taste who thought her behavior was aggressive and disrespectful. Sandra disagreed and told her to smile because she was too cocky and arrogant.

Models from the other teams could hear Sandra and Jocelyn arguing through the wall. They came in and told them to stop because they had won and should be happy. Then Naomi came in and demanded to know why they couldn’t get along. She told them this wasn’t playschool and she wouldn’t stand for this type of behavior. “You’re wasting valuable time…we’ve won three challenges but we’re the most miserable team here,” she said. “If this is the time you’re going fall apart, then walk, because this is when you need to stay together.”

Coco talked with her girls and chose to put Stephanie up for elimination. And Karolina chose Madeleine.

In the elimination room, Naomi reminded Stephanie this was her third time up and asked her if she felt she deserved to be there. Stephanie told her it’s not how you fall, its how you get back up saying she had learned a lot in the short time she had been in the competition.

Then Naomi addressed Madeleine telling her even though she had 8 years of experience, she had not been memorable throughout the competition. Madeleine said she didn’t feel like she deserved to be in the elimination room and wanted the opportunity to stay in the competition and continue to learn.

In the end, Naomi chose to keep Stephanie saying she had the passion, drive, strength, and resilience needed to move on in the competition. But that wasn’t her only reason for keeping Stephanie. There was some strategy involved as well because Naomi viewed Stephanie as the weaker of the two.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you agree with Naomi’s decision to send Madeleine home? Post a comment and let us know.

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Photo Credit: Oxygen

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