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Justin Bieber Has Twitter Meltdown; Slams Rumors

March 07, 2013 10:00 AM by Donna W. Martin

X Factor guest judge, Justin Bieber is sick and tired of all the rumors going around about him. So he sounded off on Twitter slamming the rumors and set the record straight. Keep reading to see what he had to say.

According to the Huffington Post, Bieber tweeted about all the rumors going around. He said he might talk about them one day but not right now. Instead, he plans to stay positive and refuses to let all the talk bring him down. “I’m focused on the good things in my life. I’m blessed and not forgetting it…I’m giving back every day,” he wrote.

He went on to say fake stories are made up to sell papers but underneath it all he’s a good person and no one can tell him different. And as long as the ones that matter to him are by his side that’s good enough for him. “We know the truth…as long as my family, friends, and fans are with me, you can say whatever,” he said.

Then he addressed specific rumors such as fake fines referring to his late concert at the London O2 on Monday night. And times when he leaves the stage without a shirt on saying after performing for two hours he’s simply sweaty. And let’s not forget girls… he’s a pop star so we know the girls flock around him but he says every girl he stands near isn’t his girl.

Through it all, Bieber said everybody can say what they want to but he will continue to live his life like he always has…to serve, perform, care, love, smile, dance, play, and sing. And that we’re all welcome to join because he doesn’t carry any hate in his heart…it’s all about the music.

What do you think about Bieber’s Twitter meltdown? Post a comment and let us know.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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