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The Amazing Race Recap: An Express Pass Gone To Waste

March 10, 2013 05:57 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The Amazing Race is always switching it up, which is why this show remains, well, amazing after so many seasons. This time, the change involves a longer than usual leg of the race. To be specific, this is the longest leg in the show’s history! How will the remaining contestants fare?

This episode begins with Dave and Connor still unsure as to how long they can continue. Dave injured his Achilles and while he’s one hardy individual, this is not an injury that heals up quickly. But they decide that they can at least make it to Bali. It’s a 4,000 mile flight, so Dave will at least get a little time to sit back.

Chuck and Wynona are on the opposite side of the leg’s lineup — the last to arrive. Fortunately for this crazy-haired duo, this is one of those killjoy legs in which nobody is eliminated. The pair joins the other teams in a frantic effort to find a flight to Bali. Obtaining help turns out to be unbelievably difficult, even with the assistance of travel agents.

The teams end up split between three flights, all of which require stopovers in various locations. Upon arriving in Bali, they learn that their next task involves…monkeys! Each team must retrieve a coconut, and then place it in front of a monkey in order to be cracked. The clues are inside the coconut, so ideally, the monkeys won’t decide to run off and hide their treats. Dave and Connor are blessed with fast monkeys and manage to retain their first place spot.

Sandy Bottom or Fruity Top. Sandy Bottom requires teams to collect sand from a river’s bottom and transport it up a huge hill to a brick maker. For fruity top, teams must prepare special fruit assortments for a religious ceremony. The first four teams to have their cocunuts cracked choose fruity top, as lugging massive loads of sand up a hill just doesn’t sound like fun. And of course, Dave really doesn’t have a choice, given the condition of his Achilles.

Pam and Winnie are at an advantage for the Fruity Top task, as Pam designs sets for a living. Poor Dave quickly learns that the task requires a greater level of mobility than he initially expected. As the first few teams struggle to put together their fruit stands, they are joined by Jessica and John (aka Team JJ, in 5th place) plus Joey and Meghan (aka team Youtube, in 6th place). Chuck and Wynona join in on the Fruity Top, comparing the task to the sorting of deer heads.

As expected, Pam’s design expertise comes in handy, as her and Winnie’s fruit offering is immediately approved. Dave and Connor finish second, while country singers Caroline and Jennifer prove that they aren’t necessarily talented at all artistic pursuits. After multiple tries, their offering is approved. Max and Katie also succeed and are allowed to move on. JJ get to an even worse start than Caroline and Jennifer, wasting their time putting together some random assortment at the wrong stand! They eventually discover their mistake and scurry over to the correct location.

Roller derby moms Mona and Beth actually select the Sandy Bottom task. Evidently, they think they’re better at the physical tasks than the more detail-oriented Fruity Top. And defying expectations, Bates and Anthony decide to go for the less athletic option. They’re in last place, so I don’t know if this is the best idea — I have a feeling they’ll end up redoing their offering at least once or twice. They are lucky enough to show up at the challenge while three other teams are still struggling. JJ is having a particularly difficult time, with Jessica getting discouraged enough to consider using the valuable Express Pass. After continually failing at Fruity Top, they decide to waste even more time by heading to the Sandy Bottom to see how Mona and beth are

Pam, Winnie, Dave and Connor arrive at the beach for the road block. They’re required to choose surf boards that depicts something all the teams have encountered thus far on the race. Fortunately for Dave, they don’t actually have to do any surfing. As such, the two again defeat the odds and come in first! I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a team, given everything they’ve faced — first cancer, than a major injury while on the race. And this time, they did it all without the help of an Express Pass! Pam and Winnie come in second; Max and Katie are third. All three teams chose surfboards depicting a priest that buried them during an earlier leg of the race. Caroline and Jennifer, however, bring an incorrect surf board and are sent back…only to screw up again. They’re really frustrated right now, mostly because they’ve already been on this leg of the race for FOUR DAYS.

Caroline and Jennifer aren’t the only ones struggling.  Poor Team YouTube is dropped off at the wrong beach and has to run uphill to get to the other location. They still somehow manage to come in 5th place though. Chuck manages to both choose the wrong surf board and get lost on his way to the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, Jessica and John are still doing their second challenge, with Jessica finding her neck in major pain as she carts sand uphill. They manage to finish though, so if their memory is decent and they pick the right surfboard, they still have a shot at remaining in the race.

The roller derby moms and the hockey guys finally come up with the right surfboard, which leaves Chuck, Wynona, Jessica and John in last place. Chuck and Wynona manage to select the correct surfboard, which means, despite my earlier prediction of going far on this show, JJ is out of the running. Shoulda used that Express Pass!

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