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After The Final Rose: Big Sean News and Next Bachelorette!

March 11, 2013 08:02 PM by Candace Young

On The Bachelor Season Finale, an emotional¬† Sean Lowe proposed romantically in Thailand. Chris Harrison promises late-breaking news from Sean going into After The Final Rose live, and that the identity of the next Bachelorette will be revealed…

Harrison brings on Sean Lowe, who says The Bachelor was an amazing journey and he just can’t wait to be with the love of his life – Catherine. They talk about the proposal – Sean says it was all a blur because he was so excited.

Chris asks about Lindsay. Sean says it was so tough because he didn’t have a valid reason to give her other than he’d fallen in love with Catherine. Sean says he’s excited to see Lindsay again, but he’s also nervous.

Lindsay is brought out and greets Sean. She says it’s overwhelming to be there and asks Sean what happened. He still can’t offer any closure other than he fell for Catherine. Sean says he still lights up when he thinks about her. Lindsay pushes to find out what they were missing – she thought they had everything they both wanted. Sean shares that he stayed in prayer all that week and by week’s end he had clarity – there was nothing concrete. Lindsay says she fell for him, but is happy for him.

Harrison probes about what the days afterward were like for her. She describes how awful it was to go home and tell her family and to be so stuck on trying to figure out what went wrong. Sean can relate – Emily Maynard didn’t give him closure either. Lindsay wants more information – when did he know? Sean says after the final one-on-one date he was sure.

Lindsay talks about how much she grew as a person over the course of The Bachelor. Harrison tells her everyone loved her – especially when she took her heels off after Sean dumped her!

Finally it’s time to bring Catherine out. Sean can hardly wait. She emerges smiling in a black lace dress. Sean embraces her. “You look good, baby.” Catherine gets to wear her ring in public for the first time. She talks about it being difficult to be apart during the playback of the show.

Catherine cracks the audience up by saying that when Sean had white snow on his hair and eyebrows in Canada she realized she wanted to be with him in old age.

Harrison remarks about Catherine’s very genuine reaction to Sean’s proposal. They are excited to see it played back for the first time. Chris tries to get Catherine to admit to having some serious doubts along the way, but she doesn’t. She says even when she was crying in Thailand she needed to feel that longing to be with him forever and was happy she felt it.

Next, Harrison talks about the letter. Sean admits he was concerned that Catherine had had a change of heart. He laughs that it took him about two paragraphs to realize that wasn’t the case! Catherine and Sean watch their proposal back for the first time. Sean tears up and Catherine laughs and giggles.

The Big News

Sean announces that they don’t have a wedding date yet, but they have decided since they met on a TV show, they will have their wedding on a TV show and ABC will cover it.¬† Harrison booms, “Congratulations!” He asks for details, but they don’t have much to offer other than they want to be together. Harrison offers to marry them on the spot. They decline amid laughter saying family and friends might be put out.¬† Harrison asks if Catherine will move to Dallas. Sean says she’s packed her bags and whatever happens, they’ll do it together.

The Next Bachelorette

Chris Harrison brings out the next Bachelorette – it’s Desiree! The audience clearly approves. Des is grateful and tears up with happy tears. Harrison quips if she’s crying now they’re in for a long season together. Des says she believes in the process and is open to it because she realized on Sean’s season that it is real. Des assures Harrison she’ll have no problem handling the 25 men who will arrive in the driveway! Chris says that’s the Des he knows and loves.

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