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The Bachelor Season Finale Recap: An Elephant of a Decision

March 11, 2013 07:07 PM by Candace Young

Last week it was The Women Tell All portion of The Bachelor journey. The girls got to confront Tierra, and things got tense between Sean and AshLee Frazier. This week, it’s time for Sean to choose between Lindsay and Catherine, and we’re promised that Sean Lowe will provide a ‘bombshell’ finale, which may involve a mystery letter that arrives at a crucial time…

Tonight, Chris Harrison kicks off things off  live with a studio audience and talks of something unique that will occur on this season of the bachelor that could bring one of the most beautiful moments ever on the show.

Sean is reunited with his family members in Thailand where they will help him choose between Catherine and Lindsay. Sean and his mom talk ‘proposal’ – Sean’s still not sure there will be one and stresses his strong feelings for both women.

Catherine Meets the Family

Sean helps Catherine from a van, holding an umbrella over her head in the rain.  Inside, she greets his parents, sister and brother-in-law, and his little niece and nephew. After impressing Dad with her tales of athleticism, and giving a nice speech about her overall experience, Catherine is dragged off by Mom. Catherine confirms that she’s falling in love and on board with being proposed to by Sean. Mom’s pleased and relieved by what she’s discovered.

When Catherine’s grilled by Dad, there’s an awkward moment when she confesses to being ‘consumed’ by Sean. Yike? Dad tells her he’ll love her like a daughter and support her if she marries Sean. She seems choked up. Soon it’s time for her to go. Sean seems unsurprised by how well it went, but expects much the same with Lindsay – hence his apparent dilemma.

Lindsay Meets the Family

Sean’s family takes great pleasure in raising the topic of Lindsay wearing a wedding dress when getting out of the limo. They laugh it off.

Sean’s dad asks Lindsay the same thing he asked Catherine – how do you know you’re in love? He follows that up with a question about resolving conflicts. It has a marriage counseling feel. Lindsay answers just right and wins his approval. No surprise there. Surprising? Lindsay asks him to have Sean’s hand in marriage! Pops gives her the go ahead as she laughs her wacky cackle.

Lindsay also passes the muster with mom, crying over how perfect they are as a family and how she really wants all of this.

Mom’s Dilemma

After Lindsay goes, Sean shakes his head and tells the camera he could have a long happy marriage with either woman and he expects his family will feel much the same. Mom makes the situation worse by warning Sean he shouldn’t propose if it’s under pressure. She tells him he needs to feel in his heart it’s absolutely the right thing to do or he doesn’t need to be proposing to either of them. Sean just wants their support no matter what. A teary mom has to be taken for a walk by Sean. She doesn’t see how he’ll make a decision in three days. “If you can’t decide, maybe that’s the decision.”

Last Dates


Sean and Lindsay take a raft down the river – it’s a sweet covered wooden raft – the river is brown and not so sweet. Later, they drink wine and chat. Sean tells Lindsay he could see her being a ‘hot old chick’. For real. Lindsay tells him she loves him.

That night, Sean thanks Lindsay for being such a surprise. Lindsay says they have the relationship she’d want with her husband and it gets better and better. Lindsay admits she’s nervous about losing him. They kiss and then she gives him his gift – three lanterns – love, happiness, and family – that they light and let go into the sky.


Sean’s missed Catherine and will spend their date looking for a sign. She tells him excitedly that she touched an elephant and one appears. Sean tells her it’s their mode of transportation. She’s over-the-top to be riding an elephant in Thailand – it’s so cute! They end up hanging out in a high-up treehouse thingy and talking about the view and how great their future will be together.

In the evening, Catherine and Sean drink wine and she’s determined to ‘get everything out’. She nervously flings her hair about as she opens up. Catherine punctuates it by saying she’s nervous she may be doing this for no reason. He reassures her. Catherine lets him know she couldn’t see not accepting his proposal and says she loves him. Panic sets in when she feels like she didn’t see a glimmer of ‘I want to be with you forever’ from him in return. She leaves freaked out.

Decision Day

Sean awakens on decision day having searched his heart and made up his mind. There’s a woman he can’t live without. In his reflections he makes it seem like Lindsay. The jeweler comes and Sean selects a rock. Sean cries talking to the camera about beginning his life with this particular woman.

Lindsay is ready to go – Sean’s her everything and she believes her whole life is going to change.

Catherine doesn’t have that same confidence – she’s scared and overwhelmed.

Sean takes his place on the little dock festooned with flowers. Nothing shocking going on yet…

Back with the live studio audience, Harrison introduces Lesley, Jackie, Sarah, and AshLee, who are there to weigh in. Lesley thinks Sean will choose Catherine. Sarah really sees something with Lindsay. AshLee says at the end of the day it will be where Sean’s heart lies. Harrison asks if she sees a spark they didn’t share. AshLee says they are both more laid back and playful than she was – she sees him with Lindsay. Jackie agrees – there chemistry has been obvious from the beginning, but also sees it with Catherine.

They speculate on the mystery letter Sean is about to receive. Jackie thinks it’s from his mom or Catherine.

The scene returns to Sean dreading breaking up with one of them in Thailand. Lindsay emerges from her car in a teal green dress and Chris walks her down to the path. They beam at each other as she approaches.

Once on the dock, Sean talks again about the depth he found with her being a surprise – she blows him away. He then says this is the toughest thing he’s ever had to do – his heart’s with someone else. He admits he was still undecided until yesterday, but has to say goodbye to her. He tells her he loves her; that’s the hardest part.

Lindsay tells him it’s really painful and she didn’t see it coming – she’s happy he found love, but can’t imagine her life without him; she’ll have to figure it out. Sean cries/walks her out to Chris. Lindsay cries – she’s shocked and hurt and was taken completely off-guard.

Meanwhile, back at the dock, Sean, still looking miserable, receives the mystery letter – from Catherine.

It’s not a ‘Dear Sean, er John’ letter, but a reaffirmation of what they share together,will build together, how perfect they are for one another, and how much she loves him.

Catherine arrives in her gold one-shouldered gown and heads for the dock. When she reaches him, taking deep breaths the whole way, Sean takes her hand and talks about his feelings and how she amazes him. He missed her every time they had to say goodbye, and doesn’t want to say goodbye again.  On bended knee, Sean proposes and a gasping Catherine accepts. He finally tells her, “I love you so much.” She squeals that she’s so addicted to him and he gives her the final rose. They go off on their elephant…

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