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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Faded Love

March 12, 2013 05:43 AM by Donna W. Martin

This week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was full of more drama. Corey was confused and unsure of what he wanted, as usual! Jenelle started smoking again, surprise, surprise. Chelsea’s been given moving orders and Kailyn is still fighting with Jo over Vee being around Isaac. Take the jump to see what happened.


Leah ended her relationship with Jeremy because she couldn’t ignore her feelings for Corey. Jeremy came over and moved the rest of his belongings out of her house. Then he called Corey and went to his house to talk.

Jeremy asked Corey flat out what the f*ck was going on. He said he had all his sh*t in his truck and nowhere to go. And he said he was sick of seeing Leah cry.

Corey told Jeremy him and Leah had decided to go to counseling to see if they could get on good terms and see where it went from there. Jeremy said he didn’t want to see things go good for six months and then get bad again. Then he told Corey that Leah was in love with both of them.

Corey said that was what scared him. He didn’t want it to be the same situation with her and Jeremy as it was with her and Robbie. Jeremy said he didn’t want to see the girls get hurt and he didn’t want to see Leah get hurt.

Corey said he didn’t want to move ahead with things and then Leah and the girls lose Jeremy. But Jeremy told him he couldn’t stay around and wait while she went to counseling with her ex-husband. More than anything, Corey said he didn’t want to force things.

Later, Jeremy called Leah and told her that he had gone to see Corey and that he was confused about his feelings. Leah wanted to know if Corey was serious about things so she called him and asked if he was ready to take the next step. He said he didn’t know but then said they would do it. She asked him what he hoped to get out of counseling and he said he didn’t know.

He talked to Leah about Jeremy stopping by and admitted he was confused. She told him another guy was fighting more for his family than he was. He said yeah, I’m a piece of sh*t. Leah told him she wasn’t going to feel sorry for him and then he burped really loud into the phone. That was all she could and said she was getting off the phone. That was the end of their conversation. Corey’s not sounding too serious, huh?

Later, Leah struggled with the fact that she can’t seem to get over Corey and she feels bad for dragging Jeremy through this. She went out with her friend Kayla and they talked about it. Leah admitted that she kind of regretted breaking things off with Jeremy.

Jeremy keeps texting her to see how she’s doing and to tell her he misses her. Leah feels like she made a big mistake choosing Corey over Jeremy.

Later, she met up with Corey to exchange the girls. She told Corey they needed to talk because she could tell he wasn’t very serious about things. Corey said he was confused because Jeremy came by. Leah was surprised and said so Jeremy butts in and changes your mind about your family? Then she tells him she wants a family, she wants to raise her girls in church, and she wants a husband…and she thinks she has found that with someone else. So she decides she’s going to help Corey with his confusion and calls it quits for him. It’s about time, Leah!!


Jenelle hasn’t seen her mom or Jace since she got off probation. She started smoking again, but hopes to keep it under control this time. And she’s glad she has Kieffer back in her life.

Later that day, she talked to Kieffer and told him she had missed him. They both said they have changed since they were together before. He has been to prison and she has been on probation and in rehab. She said she wants to be back together but she wants to know that things have changed. She told him they could spend time together and see how things have changed. Then he grabbed her and kissed her.

Jenelle has been falling behind in school. She has a job online selling advertising but she’s been feeling insecure and wants a big change. What does she want? She wants to get a boob job.

She scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon about the boob job. But before she went, she talked to Kieffer about it. He said he wasn’t a fan of plastic surgery and liked her body just the way it was. He even told her he would miss her real boobs because he was attached to them but whatever made her happy would make him happy.

Later, Jenelle went to the consultation and decided she was going to go through with the procedure. But she wanted to talk to her mom about it first. So she went to see Barbara and Jace, finally. She talked to Barbara about the boob job. Barbara told her she thought it was a bad idea because it was a radical surgery and she would be putting something foreign into her body. Jenelle told her she was going to have it done regardless of what anyone else thought, and that it would take six weeks to heal.


Chelsea went to see her mom and to talk to her about what happened with Adam. Her mom was surprised that she’d hooked up with Adam especially since her birth control fell out and Adam didn’t use a condom. Later, Chelsea went to the doctor to talk about birth control options. She decided to go with Mirena again.

She’s still adjusting to being a fulltime student but Aubree has settled in at daycare and is doing really good. Later that day, Laura came over and Chelsea talked to her about getting Mirena again…no more babies and no accidents.

Later, Chelsea’s dad, Randy texted her and told her she would have to move out of her new house because the owner was moving back to town and wanted the house back. Chelsea was upset and talked to Laura. Randy told Chelsea the owner could do this because it was in the lease.

Chelsea called her dad to talk about it. He told her they would have to look for another place or she could move back to where she was before. Chelsea said she didn’t want to go back there. Randy said he would look for a place.

Chelsea, Aubree, and Laura left the house. Chelsea was upset and frustrated that nothing ever goes right for her. She talked about how Adam has it easy and never has to worry about anything because he lives with his parents.

Meanwhile, Aubree is in the back seat trying to console Chelsea by telling her not to cry and asking if she’s happy.


Things have been going great between Kailyn and Javi. Kailyn is going back to court with Jo because she doesn’t want Vee around Isaac. Plus she wants to get more time with him because Jo leaves him with his parents too much.

Later, Jo called Kailyn to tell her he was moving to New Jersey to be closer to his job. It just so happens he will be closer to Vee too. Jo told her the drop off point to exchange Isaac would still be at his mom and dad’s house. Kailyn told him she wouldn’t make the drive to his new place because it would be too far. But Jo assured her the drop off point would be in the same place. Kailyn asked Jo if Vee was moving in with him and he said he didn’t know.

Before the custody mediation hearing, Jo missed a scheduled visitation with Isaac. He said it was because he didn’t have time due to the move. But Chelsea found out otherwise on Twitter. He was actually hanging with his boys and Vee.

Later, Jo and Kailyn went to the mediation hearing. An hour later, Kailyn left angry because nothing was resolved and no changes were made to the custody agreement.

Right after court, Jo called Vee. He told her nothing was resolved and that it was a complete waste of time. He told her Kailyn said he doesn’t spend enough time with Isaac when he has him for visitation and that his girlfriend drinks and smokes weed.

Kailyn went home and talked to Javi about the hearing. She said the magistrate told them he couldn’t help at this point and that it would have to go to trial before a judge. And in the meantime, they needed to go to family therapy and co-parenting classes.

And get this. Kailyn told Javi that right after court, Vee tweeted, “Yes I drink, yes I smoke, didn’t know my life was a crime.” Then she told Javi that Jo needed to say something to Vee. Javi said Jo doesn’t care or he would have already changed the situation.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Leah will get back with Jeremy? Will Jenelle and Kieffer work things out? Where do you think Chelsea will move to? And do you think Kailyn and Jo are headed for a custody trial? Post a comment and tell us what you think is going to happen.

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One Response to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: Faded Love”

  1. Harry Says:
    March 12th, 2013 at 9:34 am

    Wrong! When Jo missed the Thursday visitation with his son, it WAS because he was busy. The pics that he posted on twitter were from the subsequent weekend — that’s why Kailyn was complaining that since Jo didn’t have a Thursday he should have asked for a Friday, but instead was partying with his friends on Friday. Of course, Kailyn doesn’t mention that even if Jo had asked for the Friday, she would not have given it to him. She’s a HYPOCRITE. She blames Jo for having Vee around but sees no problem with Javi being around all day? I’m not surprised the court hearing went badly for her — her demands are ridiculous.


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