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The Face Exclusive Blog With Stephanie Lalanne: Week Four

March 12, 2013 07:00 AM by Christine McDow

Week four started off with as much excitement and drama on The Face as week three ended with! What does model Stephanie Lalanne have to tell us in her exclusive blog about what went on behind the scenes during that week? Keep reading to find out!

Is it that time of the week again??! Oh yes, yes it is. Here’s my recap of the latest episode of The Face! Going into this episode, the teams are quite uneven. Team Naomi and Team Karolina have three girls and now Team Coco is left to defend and hold onto a tiny team of two.

The test shoot comes first and Coco is the one in charge. She’s brought Salim Gauwloos into the mix who’s a choreographer that’s worked with the likes of Madonna and Britney Spears so naturally we were the next step ;). All joking aside, Salim was so much fun to work with and I was excited to get this routine underway.

Our task is to learn a dance routine and then perform it during our test shoot. The whole idea is that modeling can be like dancing and having fluidity of movement during a shoot can really make or break a photo. Coco herself was an Irish dancer before ever modeling (and there’s a video to prove it) and she’s always found her dance background useful. As we’re learning the routine I had flashbacks back to auditions for musicals in high school and was hoping that some of what I did then would come in handy now! Devyn seemed extremely put off by the routine and gave up early (like really early). As girls start going in to do their shoots, it’s time to see who’s got coordination and who’s lacking. Ebony goes first and whoever had to go right after her had to be screwed comparing themselves to her perfect sassy choreography. A few of the other girls go and everyone seems to be doing well. Jocelyn (bless her soul) has never looked more confused behind a camera in her life and I don’t think Coco was impressed :/. Devyn surprisingly does well despite initially having so much trouble with the routine and pulls off some really nice shots. Finally it’s my turn and I skip (literally) onto set because apparently, I’m skipping everywhere I go nowadays. I just went with the routine and tried to commit as much as possible to the moves and somehow I think I pulled it off! Coco had a very ‘what the hell’ moment asking me if I’ve ever danced before to which I replied (gasping for air) ‘just in musicals’ yea totally!

I felt like I did really well in this shoot but I have to hand it to Ebony. I did well, but Ebony was light years ahead of everyone else! Take that prize girl! (home gym by Mad Dog Athletics, sweet :D.)

Next up, is the campaign! Each team is going to have to shoot a spring look book for Marshall’s and the winner gets to have it featured online! Jen Rade, celebrity stylist, is going to be judging the shoot and is very adamant that the look book attracts and appeals to every single Marshall’s customer. Every. Last. One.
Teams KK and Naomi have a bit of a hard time picking out clothing (with both mentor’s throwing out their original choices) but eventually agree on wardrobe.
It’s time to pick out our dresses and me and Margaux work quite well together (I pin a striped dress on her saying ‘you should wear this because you have the boobs for it’. See? We work well!). We decide on a few looks that we’ll accessorize once we’re in the room.

ONCE WE’RE IN THE ROOM. We start to pick accessories but we’re not doing it fast enough because we’re ‘fashion people, we should be able to make these decisions instantly’-Jen Rade. Right. We keep moving and when it gets to my time to shoot, Jen is not having any of me. I’m acting too much, I’m under accessorized, and just, ‘what IS that?’. I do have to agree with her but at that particular moment I felt like I wasn’t looking into the eyes of Jen Rade, stylist, but Malificent from Sleeping Beauty (…as the dragon). I for one totallyyy understand where Jen’s coming from in terms of me being painful to watch. I mean sometimes I can’t even handle seeing myself but saying those things within earshot is not exactly the kick I need to get any better. Margaux is a natural in this and thank goodness otherwise Team Coco would have been a total tank!

Back to Team KK and Naomi. KK takes a more relaxed approach than Naomi (weird.) but both teams pull off a nice look book.

When it comes time for Jen Rade’s judgment, it was Team Naomi’s ‘speak, hear, and see no evil’ pose that made Jen fall in love and clearly believe that they’re catering to EVERY Marshall’s customer. Well played Team Naomi, but now we’ve got an elimination to get on with you can gloat over your third win in a row later).
Oh but before that, let’s have a little drama with the winning team because you know, when I win something it instantly makes me want to get into a fight. Sandra is so joyous thanking Jesus for her win while Jocelyn is quietly playing Sudoku on her bed (Zi Lin, as usual, just can’t be bothered). Apparently Jocelyn’s lack of enthusiasm is cause for anger with Sandra andddd it begins! Sandra as usual is saying how stuck up Jocelyn is and maybe she should ‘smile’ every now and then but before this can get really good (or maybe it is getting good), Naomi storms into the room trying to make everyone stop yelling by starting to yell. It’s tough love time and Naomi makes a sad admission that ‘we’re the winning team but we’re the most miserable here’ (whoa that’s depressing). On that note they better get their you-know-what together, and QUICK otherwise she’s PERSONALLY sending someone home (can she do that?).

It’s time for KK to choose someone to go to elimination and she chooses Madeleine because out of her other two team members, she had the most problems connecting her body movements. Madeleine’s obviously upset but hey, such is life.

Coco’s decision was pretty cut and dry. She always bases her decision off of what the client thinks and out of the two of us, Jen liked Margaux’s performance much better (agreed.). So while it is a surreal moment to realize I’m going back to the guillotine for a third time, I really do understand, and figure if I fought my way out twice before, I might as well try again.

Being placed before Naomi once again is not something I look forward to and that sentiment was probably quite clear on my face. Madeleine isn’t too excited either but I feel bad because she probably didn’t know what to expect (you know me being a veteran and all). Naomi asks Madeleine a few things and really corners her asking ‘do you think YOUR team should have won’. To which she replied umm yea basically (not word for word here). Madeleine, this is one of those few (ok who am a kidding more than a few) times in life you LIE. And you lie WELL. Needless to say Naomi didn’t enjoy that answer too much which I could sniff out and took the opportunity to delve into a long winded speech that I just hoped would end in victory. Luckily, Naomi once again chose to save me and whether it be strategically motivated or because she really felt I’ve shown drive and resilience hell, I’ll take it I’m still here!

With another girl gone, the circle has been narrowed to 7! This competition is getting more intense by the minute! Until next week, hang tight J.

The Face airs Tuesdays at 9/8C on Oxygen.

Photo credit: Lorenzo Bevilaqua

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