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The Face Exclusive Blog With Stephanie Lalanne: Week Five

March 13, 2013 12:07 PM by Christine McDow

Stephanie Lalanne continues to blog with us exclusively during this season on The Face. Her latest blog starts off with, “This has got to be the sultriest episode of The Face that’s happened by far!”. Keep reading to find out her take on what happened during week five of The Face.

Right off the bat, the test shoot is underway with the amazing Amar’e Stoudemire from the NY Knicks making a (very) sexy cameo. We’re going to have to film a commercial for Christian Louboutin shoes (my shoe-whore self just died a little) but not only do we have to make a commercial, we have to do it with a male model (hot Kyle from Texas) and make our chemistry believable! After watching Naomi work her minx self all over Amar’e’s attractive self, I think the blush I had while watching them was a particularly deep shade of burgundy, as if I was watching something I should be averting my eyes to. Then Naomi brings around Kyle and says we’ve gotta do the same thing with him and whoever wins the challenge gets their very own pair of Louboutins (my ears sure perked up).

I was extremely nervous for this challenge because I don’t think I’m one of those women that exude sex appeal (actually I know this to be fact) and I still feel like the awkward gangly teenager I used to be! Ebony goes first (which is always tough) and does well but Naomi is left wanting more. I thought Margaux did a good job of sexing it up with her eyes but apparently Naomi wasn’t impressed which she expressed with her ‘Now this just won’t do’.

You would expect Jocelyn to be the biggest minx of all considering her hotness and experience with lingerie but again, Naomi is not impressed. I’m not really sure what Zi Lin said, but hell she always LOOKS good. When it was my turn, let me tell you I wasn’t feeling sexy that’s for sure but the second I got to the top of that staircase I figured you just better go for the jugular especially with Naomi’s expert eyes trained on me. Oh poor Kyle, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting me to pull his tie so hard (I do believe the first take my lips touched his nose) but he was great to work with! I definitely heard a collective gasp when I went in for the kill and was just hoping it was a good thing.

Then Sandra makes an entrance (as she often does)! I’m not sure if she was famished, feeling frisky, or thinking she was making a cameo in Twilight but she sure went for Kyle’s neck like all of the above! (Poor dude must have felt pretty used up by this time). Naturally, this caused Naomi to have the laugh OF HER LIFE illustrated by her barely being able to hold herself up against a wall. Anyway one person who didn’t find this funny and took QUITE the offence was Sandra (which I can’t really blame her, especially if my mentor laughed AT me). Sandra got so fed up and decided to WALK AWAY FROM NAOMI CAMPBELL (more like sass away). Which in my opinion, is something no one in their right frame of mind should EVER do. This gave cause to an exhilarating and classic mentor-chasing-after-their-model chase ending in Naomi yelling her brains out at Sandra. Sandra almost packed up to leave but was coaxed out of it (nice play there, Sandra). Nevertheless, Sandra was ‘fired’ from the job and disqualified from the competition. Also, apparently Sandra’s tantrum was too much for Naomi so she walked off set herself (I see a pattern here). But hey, let’s get to the fun part, I won! I was definitely shocked by this considering all the sexy kitties running around me but don’t you worry, I will happily take that pair of Loubies!!

It’s on to new territory aka the campaign and it reflects the test shoot quite a bit. We are going to be doing a segment for Open Sky, which is a website where people can post videos about a current product they’re really crazy for and tell you about it. Each team has to pick a product and let you know why they use and like it so much. The winner gets $1000 to use on OpenSky.com.

Team Karolina with Ebony and Devyn decide to plug a hair product they both use a lot called Pomade. Seeing as they both really love it, and even use it on their kids, this sounds like a pretty good product to use. Margaux and I decide to use a blazer since we both use them a bunch and it’s something we both felt comfortable talking about. Meanwhile in Team Naomi Land, the girls are thinking of using lip-gloss because it would be easy for all them to relate to. Then Naomi comes in and as usual, she’s got an idea of her own. And honestly I have to agree with her because after lip-gloss, my most natural next choice would be a BEANBAG. So they get a’choppin on all the good things about beanbags, which in my opinion are just endless.

We get on set and I’m feeling my usual chummy over exaggerated self which, when placed next to a nice demure personality like Margaux’s, has the potential to overshadow which is what Marg’s was nervous about in the first place but I think she did a great job! As for my part I feel like I was trying to show the world my undying love for blazers and hammed it up quite a bit. But hey, I think in the end we had a really cute skit put together! Team Coco yea!
Team KK’s delivery was pretty natural and easy so I thought they did well. Team Naomi’s on the other hand wasn’t as natural, had a lot of moving parts, but considering how much the team loathes each other, they pulled it off (even though it’s still like, ya know, a beanbag.)

When it comes time to deciding the victor I really thought Team Coco might have a chance with this one! AGAIN, we were not made to be winners as Team KK got away with the win! This unfortunately means that A) Team Coco still hasn’t won anything and B) elimination is in the cards for us again.

I’m always uneasy going into elimination but for once I felt like my name migghhttt not be mentioned as the weak link but hey again it IS me so you never know! Luckily for me Coco thought my performance overall had been good and that Margaux was the one going into the room. The good thing is that Margaux will fight for it no matter what and I never really thought for a second that she wasn’t coming back. Upon learning that Sandra was also going to elimination there really was no doubt in my mind Margs wouldn’t be coming back considering how unprofessional Sandra was in the test shoot. When Margaux walked through the door, I was really happy not only because she was back but also selfishly glad because I’m not sure if I can carry this team all by my lonesome!!

So that’s it for this episode OH WAIT NAOMI CALLING PEOPLE IDIOTS. And more specifically her ‘fellow’ mentor Karolina. I understand that Naomi was upset that her girl went home but I mean really (?) calling Karolina an idiot (multiple times) is proobbaabblyyy not the best example you could set. But ya know considering the rocks Naomi was pelting at her Karolina held her own with a good old fashioned ‘that’s not true’ so all is well in Model Land again!

Next week should be really interesting with a double elimination so try to hold yourself together until then!

The Face airs Tuesdays at 9/8C on Oxygen.

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