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The Face Recap: Every Rose Has Its Thorns

March 13, 2013 05:37 AM by Donna W. Martin

On this week’s episode of Oxygen‘s, The Face, airing on Tuesdays at 9/8c, the seven remaining models tackled their toughest test shoot and campaign to date, both of which involved selling a product. Who got the job done? And who failed to seal the deal? Take the jump to find out!

Test Shoot

This week’s test shoot involved selling a product, Christian Louboutin shoes. Each model had to shoot a commercial while working with a male model. Naomi was the test shoot judge and said she would be looking at how well each model sold the product using the chemistry between them and the male model. She explained you have to fall in love with the male model. She urged the girls to use their eyes and body language to get the job done and told them to build chemistry by becoming a feminine and sexy character.

Then Naomi teamed up with New York Knicks Captain, Amar’e Stoudemire for a demonstration. But the other models didn’t get to work with Amar’e; they worked with Kyle Ellison instead.

Ebony was up first. He first try was too fast but she improved the second time around.

Jocelyn had no chemistry with the male model.

Margaux had no chemistry either and it just didn’t work.

Zi Lin lacked the proper language skills to be understood well enough.

Devyn did good and showed great potential.

Stephanie did an incredible job. She nailed it! Naomi and Nigel loved it.

Sandra kissed the male model and left lipstick on his neck. Naomi laughed at her, which made Sandra get defensive. She talked back to Naomi and then walked off the set without completing her commercial. Naomi followed her and told her she couldn’t talk to a client that way. Then Naomi left the set.

When it was time to announce the winner of the test shoot, Nigel told Sandra she couldn’t answer back to her coach and because she had talked back to Naomi, she was disqualified from the test shoot. Then he declared Stephanie the winner!

Campaign – OpenSky.com Online Shopping Video

For this week’s campaign, each team was responsible for creating a video where they would be selling one product that best represented them as a team. The video was for online shopping at OpenSky.com.

Open Sky CEO, John Caplan was the campaign judge. He explained that people don’t sell products on Open Sky; they share their favorite products with others.

The models were responsible for selecting their favorite products to share, writing, directing, and starring in the video. Each team would have 20 minutes to complete their video and there would be no editing. If someone made a mistake, the team would have to start all over.

John told them to bring to life what was unique about them. And the winning team would get to promote a collection of products on Open Sky plus each team member would receive $1,000 to spend on OpenSky.com and they would be featured on usmagazine.com.

Team Coco, Stephanie, and Margaux chose a basic black blazer as their product to share.

Team Karolina, Ebony, and Devyn chose to go with Pomade, a hair care product.

And Team Naomi, Sandra, Jocelyn, and Zi Lin were a bit undecided at first. Sandra suggested shampoo but Jocelyn reminded her that they couldn’t demonstrate washing their hair on camera. Their next choice was lip-gloss but when Naomi came in, she thought their choice was a bit too predictable and said, she was thinking of something more like a chair. Then Zi Lin suggested a beanbag chair.

Since Zi Lin has a language barrier, Naomi suggested that she speak in Mandarin saying the chair is comfortable, versatile, and stylish.

Team Karolina was up first. They made a few mistakes and had to start over. They ended up going over on their time but overall, they did a good job.

Team Coco was up next. During the first few takes, Margaux was nervous but Stephanie did a good job and knew what she was doing.

Team Naomi was up last. Naomi directed her girls throughout the video and thought they were a disaster, loosing focus, and that Zi Lin’s language barrier showed.

Then it was time for John Caplan to critique the videos. He said Team Karolina was awesome, 100% approachable, and so real. He said Team Naomi did a fantastic job, it was a great video, and the Mandarin segment was very special. And he said Team Coco did a fantastic job and that Stephanie had a lot of approachability and seemed very genuine.

In the end, John chose Team Karolina as the campaign winners.

Then Naomi and Coco had to choose a girl to put up for elimination. Naomi told Zi Lin she was safe because the client liked the Mandarin. She chose to nominate Sandra to go up for elimination.

Coco told Stephanie she did an awesome job and that she was amazing in the test shoot. Then she told Margaux that she was very consistent but she needed to see more. Coco chose to nominate Margaux to go up for elimination.

Elimination Time

In the elimination room, Karolina pondered Sandra and Margaux’s fate. She said Sandra had a beautiful face and a good body, but she wasn’t professional. She said Margaux was professional, demure, and quiet but wondered if she has enough personality.

Then the girls came in.  Karolina asked Margaux if she was surprised to be here and she said she had worked hard but Stephanie did an amazing job. Then Karolina asked Sandra how she was feeling. Sandra said she was very nervous, that she wasn’t sure what to expect, and that she regretted her behavior.

Then Karolina asked Sandra why she would make a better face for Ulta Beauty than Margaux. Sandra said she really wanted it and felt like she was there to win.

Karolina asked Margaux the same question, why would she make a better face for Ulta Beauty than Sandra. Margaux said you have to be professional constantly, to be the face of a brand you couldn’t have a bad attitude because that would get you fired. Then she said she had been professional throughout the competition but Sandra had not.

In the end, Karolina chose to eliminate Sandra from the competition.

When Margaux walked back into the room, Naomi became upset and told Karolina she was a complete idiot saying she had just sent home a girl that had won three challenges and saved a girl that had eight years of experience and should have already done something by now.

Karolina tried to explain her decision but Naomi wouldn’t hear it and stormed out of the room.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Face? Were you surprised that Sandra was sent home? Or were you happy to see her go? Post a comment and let us know.

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Photo Credit: Oxygen

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