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Project Runway Recap: Take It All Off!

March 15, 2013 06:46 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, the eight remaining designers faced their toughest challenge to date. Not only did they have to create menswear for the beefy Thunder From Down Under dance team, the garments had to be tear-away too, and the winning look would be worn in one of the dance team’s opening routines. Whose design rose to the challenge? And whose was a total flop? Take the jump to find out!

Before the challenge even got started, the judges decided it was time to switch up the teams. They designers were divided into two teams of four.

Team Shades of Grey – Patricia, Daniel, Michelle, and Stanley

Team Slick and Hip – Richard, Layana, Samantha, and Amanda

Each team was responsible for creating three cohesive tear-away costumes. The Thunder From Down Under Dancers were both the clients and models for this week’s challenge. The clients explained that at least one of the outfits needed to be a suit and all the garments needed to be suave, sophisticated, and masculine while being flexible and sturdy to stand up during the performance.

The teams had 30 minutes to consult with the dancers and sketch their designs before going to Mood where they had a budget of $750 per team and 40 minutes to shop. The designers only had one day to complete this challenge.

Back in the workroom, the designers divided the work and got busy on their garments. A little later, Tim came in to check on their progress. He told Layana of Team Slick and Hip that her jacket lapel was too skinny and that she shouldn’t feminize the garment. He said it looked like the designers were not weighing in on each other’s work, they were not coming together to sort things out, and that wasn’t good. Then he moved on to Team Shades of Grey. He told Michelle her vest looked better without the buttons and that Daniel’s trench coat sounded too clergy.

As Tim was leaving, he told the designers they would have until 1 a.m. to work. Layana went to the other team to get some advice from Stanley on her jacket. Then the models came in for a fitting.

The next day, there was still a ton of work to do and the designers struggled to get it all done. Then the models came back in for their final fitting…but there were problems! Michelle helped Stanley with one of his shirts but instead of sewing the Velcro tear-away strip in the shirt, she hot glued it, which didn’t work. Amanda’s pants were too short and way too tight. Plus the sewing machine ripped the collar off of one of Richard’s shirts. But there was no time to recover and fix the problems; it was time to hit the runway. Uh-oh!

Team Slick and Hip were first to walk the runway. The clothes didn’t fit the models. The pants were too short and the shirts were too tight. But at the end of the dance performance, the tear-away feature of the garments worked properly and right on time.

Then Team Shades of Grey was up. Michelle’s vest was too short but overall, their clothes fit the models better than the other team’s. However, there was a big problem at the end of the performance…the clothes didn’t tear-away properly, which was a disaster.

When it was all over, Heidi told the designers she was real excited for this challenge but it was a real let down because they weren’t very creative and both teams had a lot of construction issues. She said they should have thought more outside the box…bad designers!

If it were up to Heidi, she said she would wrap the show early and all the designers would be out! But since they couldn’t do that, she declared Team Slick and Hip the losing team and Team Shades of Grey the winners by default.

Team Shades of Grey was up first for critique. Heidi said the garments needed to look more interesting and show off the guys’ great bodies. Nina agreed saying this was their moment for fun and fantasy but the trench coat looked like a beauty smock. Guest judge, Emmy Rossum said she liked the idea of the office theme but that the vest look wasn’t cohesive with the other garments; it looked more gas station. Zac said the vest was the most inventive and fun piece in the collection.

Then the judges talked about Team Slick and Hip. Nina quickly became distracted as one of the models pants slowly inched open. She laughed and told the designers she didn’t understand why they had done this to themselves. The shirts are too long, the collars are a problem, and the jacket looked like it was for a woman. Emmy said she liked the converse look but wasn’t crazy about the paneling. Heidi said she felt bad for the models because they had to wear the clothes and then she polled the team to see who they each thought the weakest link was. Samantha and Richard said it was Amanda, and Amanda and Layana said it was Richard.

After the judges talked privately among themselves, they called the designers back to the runway to deliver their decision. And boy, was it ever a shocker! In a Project Runway first, there was NO Winner!

Heidi told all the members of Team Shades of Grey they were safe and could leave the runway. Then she told Samantha and Layana of Team Slick and Hip they were safe. That left Richard and Amanda as the bottom two.

Heidi said this had been a hard decision because both garments were poorly made, ill fitting, boring, and uncreative. In the end, she told Richard he was in and told Amanda she was out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you like any of the garments? And were you surprised that there wasn’t a winner? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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One Response to “Project Runway Recap: Take It All Off!”

  1. Heidi Says:
    March 16th, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    I think this is the first time ever in the show that there were literally no good outfits. I never enjoy the men’s wear outfits and usually it is the weaker outfits – they should allow an extra day if do another men’s wear.


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