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Interview With Mayte Garcia Of Hollywood Exes – Season 2 Surprises!

March 17, 2013 11:00 AM by Martha Zaborowski

Mayte Garcia recently completed shooting season 2 of Hollywood Exes, and Reality TV Magazine is thrilled to share some of Mayte’s behind-the-scenes secrets of seasons 1 and 2 of Hollywood Exes. Mayte also talks about how her life has “completely changed” these past few months and discusses what she thinks about her ex-husband Prince’s return to the spotlight this year.

When talking about season 2 of Hollywood Exes, Mayte kept using one word: Wow. “There’s just a lot of ‘wow’ moments this season,” she says with a giggle. “Some of the stuff that happens seems too good to be true, but believe me it’s 100% real.” Mayte confirms that Daphne Wayans will be joining the Hollywood Exes this season, but she also teases that there will be “three big surprises this season.” When I asked if the surprises were going to be in the form of people, all she could say was maybe. Despite there being many dramatic and “wow” moments this season of Hollywood Exes, Mayte reassures us these women are still a sisterhood who support one another.

Mayte shares that she and Jessica Canseco are, thankfully, in a much better place this season and have been out having a great time socializing together. In season 1, words were shared and glasses were thrown between Mayte and Jessica over what seemed to be Mayte’s displeasure with Jessica having an abortion at 17. That wasn’t the case, Mayte says, calling the incident between them a “miscommunication” in which she was more upset about the casual way Jessica was talking about a sensitive topic to Mayte. (Although Mayte does not mention this in our interview, it was rumored what really made the ladies upset about Jessica talking about her abortion was that she was actually referring to another abortion she had a much later age, which made Jessica’s version of having one at 17 seem untruthful.)

Expect to see Mayte, Jessica, and Andrea Kelly going on dates this season. But don’t get too excited about her love life, Mayte warns us, because “dating is horrible” and the dates haven’t really “stuck.”

Many viewers have been worried about Mayte’s love life because, well, it didn’t really seem like she was over her ex, Prince. (Not that I would blame her. It’s Prince.) Mayte kept a collection of china from her wedding with Prince, some of his clothes, and had a picture of the two of them in her office. Mayte reveals she has since gotten rid of all of her Princely possessions and feels more at peace. Although Mayte denies speculation that she isn’t over her ex-husband of 11 years, she does admit getting rid of those material memories was just one step that helped her move forward and “completely changed her life for the better.”

Since she is on a show called Hollywood Exes, I can’t help but ask what Mayte’s thoughts are on her ex-husband’s recent appearances and performances on shows like the Grammys and Jimmy Fallon. She says she hasn’t caught all of it but was excited to hear that he will be performing with Bruno Mars. “I have a crush on Bruno Mars!” She also plans on joining her Hollywood Exes cast mates in seeing Prince in concert when he comes to town. “The girls were like, ‘let’s go!’ and I was like ‘OK!” She says of Prince, “I’m supportive. Just because our marriage ended doesn’t mean I can’t be in the same room as him and acknowledge him. There will always be a love for the father of my child.”

Although Mayte can only hint at some the big changes for her this year, we do know there are a lot of exciting professional projects in the pipeline for Mayte. Mayte is excited to release a new belly-dancing DVD for beginners in the next few months and is filming a movie this summer. In addition, Mayte is proud of her rescue work for animals at MaytesRescue.com; just this month, she has adopted three dogs and is hosting an event benefitting MaytesRescue.com at The Beverly Hills Mutt Club on April 21.

With all of Mayte’s high-profile projects and Hollywood Exes returning soon, you will probably be seeing a lot of Mayte Garcia over the next few months. About Hollywood Exes, Mayte simply says, “If you enjoyed last season of Hollywood Exes, you will really enjoy season 2.” Get excited for the return of Mayte and the other “bad mamma jammas” on VH1 this spring or early summer.

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Photo credit: Randee St. Nicholas 

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  1. Sam Says:
    September 1st, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    Please take Mayte off the show…can’t stand to watch her. No one was allowed to talk about babies around her until she got one, and then she leaves the baby home. She was whining about her privacy of not having her own room on a trip she was invited on. Seriously…what does she need privacy for…weird. Then the drama with the fur. Mayte, get over your damn self! It is no wonder you have no man in your life, you are such a whiner. Thank goodness Nicole and Shamika set her straight. Shamika should replace Mayte on the show. Oh, but then Mayte wouldn’t have any income, because she is not famous for anything.


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