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Dance Moms Recap: Oppan Apple Style!

March 19, 2013 10:35 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Can’t get enough of Dance Moms? You’re in luck, for tonight marks yet another two-hour special of the show. I personally love the two-hour specials simply because they allow viewers to see full dance performances. But tonight, those two hours are packed with plenty of drama from none other than the vicious Cathy Nesbitt-Stein!

Usually, Abby’s dances are nothing but amazing whenever they involve social causes. But last week was a definite exception, with Abby proving that she just can’t choreograph a good hip hop number to save her life. This time though, Abby tries again with a number about racism, which I’m glad to say is done to great effect. We learn of the new number right after pyramid, during which Nia is placed at the top as a result of all her hard work. The other result of her hard work? She’ll be featured in this week’s number. I’m not sure how Abby would have chosen anyone else though, seeing as the routine’s name is Rosa Parks and Nia is the only group member with black skin. But before awarding the part to Nia, Abby pretends to consider giving it to Chloe or Kendall. She reveals later that the part was Nia’s from the get-go, but hey, anything to stir up competition among the girls.

The other moms and girls pretty much all recognize that Abby’s just up to her usual tricks…and that Nia is destined for the role of Rosa Parks. Well, that is, everyone but Jill. She takes Abby’s brief consideration of Kendall to heart and decides that maybe, if she sucks up just a little more, her daughter will be allowed to play one of the most influential figures of the Civil Rights movement. For Jill, sucking up just a little more involves purchasing Abby an expensive necklace. But that’s not enough for Abby to give Nia’s part to Kendall.

The second dance of the week is less inspiring, with Chloe and Paige performing to Broadway Blondes. The problem is, with the skimpy outfits and seductive choreography, the dance is less Broadway and more Vegas. Abby manages to again get in another dig at Paige, claiming that she’s finally making the girls’ dream of doing a duet come true simply because Chloe has fallen off the pyramid.

Abby also awards solos to Maddie and Kendall. It’s obvious that Maddie receives the solo in exchange for the possibility of another first place prize (although at the Minnesota competition, she managed to come in — gasp — second!) but Kendall has also proven herself worthy of a solo at this point. Abby hopes that Kendall will take the opportunity to work on her facials, because while her technique is looking great, that face just seems awkward on stage.

The next competition will be held in Ohio, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that Cathy will be showing her overly made up face again. During a quick visit to the Candy Apples studio, we learn that Cathy is still gloating about her victory over the Abby Lee Dance Center. And in order to prove that it was not, in fact, just luck, Cathy plans to have her all-boy group compete against the ALDC for a second time. Their new dance will incorporate the Gangnam Style trend, except in this case, it will be the far more lame Candy Apples Style. The good news is that, once again, Vivi will not be included in this dance. Cathy hopes that her daughter will someday be able to join the boys, which is why she’s resuming private lessons. I don’t have much hope though. Some people just aren’t meant to be good dancers and I’m convinced Vivi is one of them.

Now, in one of the stranger scenes of the episode, Abby takes Holly shopping for clothes that fit her figure. That concept confuses me a bit, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen Abby in a figure-flattering outfit. Jill tags along as well, claiming to provide Holly with much-needed moral support. But we all know she’s just there to snag her daughter the role of Rosa Parks.

Back to the Candy Apples! Cathy recruits Anthony Burrell to choreograph the new dance, because unlike Abby, Cathy at least admits that she can’t choreograph hip hop. Those of you who watched Abby’s Ultimate may remember Anthony, but interestingly, Cathy makes no mention of the the choreographer’s Abby-related history. She does continually mention her victory over Abby though, and ultimately decides to commemorate the occasion with a plaque and a special ceremony. I’ve never heard of a studio owner holding a ceremony after beating another studio, but hey, there’s a first for everything.


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