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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Fox Suits Make The Ladies Swoon

March 19, 2013 07:40 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

There’s no elimination taking place on Dancing with the Stars this week, so instead, the show is offering viewers exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from last night’s premiere. Get ready to learn more about the, ahem, stars on this show and how they dealt with their first few practices and first big performance.

If you missed last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars, you’re in luck! The dancers are redoing their performances, but this time without the judges’ commentary. Additionally, viewers will be treated to extra footage from last night’s premiere! Not to mention, the usual hilarious commentary from host Tom Bergeron.

First, we get to see DL Hughley and Cheryl again. Really, wasn’t once enough? Amazingly though, he looks a lot better during tonight’s performance. Perhaps it helps that the judges are absent from the table. Still, I’m not convinced that he’ll last long on the show, even if he does miraculously make it past next week’s elimination.

Next up, some more behind-the-scenes footage from Andy Dick’s first meeting with his partner and his first practices. Upon meeting Sharna, Andy Dick warns her not to Google him. He went through a spell during which he experienced major issues related to addiction. But he’s working on turning things around and what better way to do it than in front of tens of millions of viewers? Not my idea of recovery, but hey, whatever works for him!

Tony Donolavi may be teaching Wynonna Judd to dance, but she also has a few lessons for him! Wynonna invites Tony over to meet the buffalo learn how to feed them. He makes a pretty good cowboy! Later, in practice, she has a bit of a breakdown, crying even though Tony tells her that she’s doing a great job.

Lisa Vanderpump reveals that she has in fact had a bit of dance experience, but it’s been over thirty years since she’s been trained. But that’s not bothering young Gleb who clearly has no problems getting down and dirty with a cougar. Lisa, on the other hand, is a little bit nervous about what her husband will think after he sees all the footage.

The foxtrot now apparently means dancing around in a fox suit…or at least, that’s what Victor thinks. Dancing ends up being a lot trickier than the boxer thinks, and partner Lindsay says that teaching him isn’t much easier. She describes it as much like teaching a baby to walk.

Sean Lowe meets Peta Murgatroyd for the first time and admits that he’s never danced before. He feels really silly while trying to learn to dance and even sillier when Peta adds in a move that she believes will “make the ladies swoon.” The big move? A chest roll, and let’s just say, it takes a long, long time for Sean to get it down. But eventually, he does, and the result definitely has the audience screaming!

Jacoby Jones’ first meeting with Katrina Smirnoff is very sweet. He tries to teach her a sideline dance, but can’t do much with an injured knee. And that injured knee keeps him out of practice until just one week before the premiere. But Jacoby says he’s in it to win it since, after all, it’s a competition!

Ingo Rademacher meets Kym Johnson for the first time on the beach. What a good looking couple! He explains that he’s excited to have Kym as a partner because she’s already won twice. Who knows, it could happen a third time! His redo of last night’s contemporary dance looks just as great as the debut performance.

Olympian Dorothy Hamill insists that she does not have a huge advantage over the other competitors. She explains that a lot of the technique in ice skating is far different than that of contemporary dance, which is why she has some issues related to bent knees and stumbles on the dance floor. Still, she looks very graceful, especially when you consider that she’s older than the other contestants and has survived a nasty battle with breast cancer.

Another contestant who denies having an advantage? Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman. She’s used to a much different style that’s a lot more postured and a lot less sexy. But based on her first two performances, she’s adapting to ballroom nicely. And I’m sure that amazing stamina will prove beneficial throughout the season.

Kellie Pickler established herself as a hard worker back when she was on American Idol, and it’s clear the same work ethic applies to dance. While she has no ballroom dance experience, she was a cheerleader back in the day and still is pretty flexible. With such a great attitude, I foresee an excellent season for this country star!

Zendaya and Val have the last performance of the night and watching her practice with Val…and perform for a second time…it’s clear that with just a few votes Zendaya can be a frontrunner in this competition. And watching the dance again tonight, I’m convinced that she deserved better than a 24 from the judges. I’m looking forward to more excellent dancing next Monday!

Which dance was your favorite this week? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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