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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: If You Can’t Take The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen

March 19, 2013 06:52 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on the season premiere of  Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay booted almost everyone out of the kitchen during dinner service. This week, we were all expecting a better service out of this group of buffoons, but it wasn’t happening. With the drama hitting a new high, one contestant chose to walk out! Who survived tonight’s dinner service?

Hell’s Kitchen with no drama? Not happening – if you want drama free reality tv, go watch Dancing With The Stars. Tonight, the insults were flying right off the bat, as the ladies squabbled about last week’s awful service. Nedra, this season’s take no nonsense chef (I mean seriously, I love this chick’s no crap attitude) honed in on Gina for her nonchalant attitude – come on, this is Hell’s Kitchen, Gina!

After tossing around threats such as: “Don’t you point your finger at me,” and “You don’t know who you’re messing with,” Gina took her frustration out on the door, and wound up knocking the ceiling fixture down. Luckily, if you lost all hope that Gina was lacking in the mental issues department after last week’s puppet drama, you’ll be thrilled to know that Gina left – on her own! Yep, the very next morning when it was time to compete in a lobster grabbing challenge, Gina gave up, and left. One wacko down, many more to go.

The challenge this week was quite simple – catch as many lobsters as you can, which the guys dominated, and then the teams had to get the meat out of the lobsters. The girls did a much better job at presenting Ramsay with perfect lobster meat, earning them the win. For their win, they were sent on a boat, where they dined on the finest fish with Gordon Ramsay. Meanwhile, back at Hell’s Kitchen, the men were in charge of the fish delivery. But nothing was funnier than watching them try to choke down fish head soup for lunch!

And then there was dinner service…disastrous…enough said. It still amazes me that in all of these seasons, some chefs just don’t get it. I have to wonder how many of them have actually watched the show? Jeremy and Christian did so bad on service, that Ramsay made them eat their own rubber scallops. Even Anthony, who happened to suffer a sprain or something of that nature, was running circles around these two tonight.

On the girls’ side of things, we watched as Mary and Danielle could not seem to understand the concept of burning the alcohol (from the wine) out of the Risotto, while Susan could not seem to cook a proper lamb. Yes, she was the same chick that served Ramsay undercooked lamb for her signature dish. Apparently, Ramsay is taking no crap at all this year, because after only a few dishes were sent out, BOTH teams were completely booted from the kitchen.

Though Gordon Ramsay did not declare a winning team, he did decide to send Christian home. No biggie, he didn’t make much of an impression anyway. But before the episode ended, Gordon called Jeremy aside and told everyone else to leave.

And then we were left hanging until next week!

Will Jeremy get the boot? Are you enjoying Hell’s Kitchen this season? Comment below to share your thoughts with us!

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