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Teen Mom 2 Recap: So Hard To Say Goodbye

March 19, 2013 04:41 AM by Donna W. Martin

Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 had us on the edge of our seats as we anxiously awaited the outcome. Did Leah and Jeremy patch things up and get back together? Did Jenelle get her boob job? Did Chelsea find a new home? And did Javi move in with Kailyn and Isaac? Take the jump to find out all that and more!


Leah realized she screwed up by dumping Jeremy for Corey because Corey just wasn’t that serious about trying to make things work and keep their family together. So she called Jeremy to come over to talk. When he got there, she apologized for everything she had put him through and told him she wanted him to come back home and give her the engagement ring back.

Jeremy told her that he had hated being away from her and the girls and that he didn’t ever want to go back through this again. She asked him if he would come back home and give her the engagement ring back. Well…it just so happens, Jeremy had the engagement ring in his pocket. When he pulled it out, she asked again if she could have it and he told her to come and get it. She took the ring and asked if he was coming home. He said yes and they shared a big smooch!

Later, Corey had the girls and Leah and Jeremy went together to pick them up. Leah wasn’t sure what to expect because this was the first time she had seen Corey since she told him they were through. Everybody behaved and things went smoothly.

Afterwards, Leah and Jeremy took the girls to Leah’s mom’s house. Grandma took the girls outside to play while Leah and Jeremy snuggled on the couch. She told him she was happy to have her ring back and was ready to take the next step in their relationship. They discussed buying a house together and having a wedding in the next couple of months. Leah told Jeremy she couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.


Jenelle had not been spending much time with Jace (what’s new?) because she was working and getting ready for her boob job. Kieffer had moved in with her but Gary had been texting her so Jenelle was a bit confused.

The day of her boob job surgery arrived and everything went well. Two hours after going in, she was all done and in tons of pain.

After the surgery, Kieffer wasn’t very supportive so her mother, Barbara went over to help care for her. Gary was still texting Jenelle and shortly after Barbara arrived, he sent her roses with a sweet get well wish. She told Barbara about Gary’s text and the flowers and Barbara encouraged her to text him later and thank him.

Later, Jenelle and Kieffer got into a huge fight over Gary sending her flowers and texting her. Jenelle tried to lie her way out of it, but Kieffer saw right through it so she kicked him out and he went back to New Jersey.

Barbara took Jenelle home with her so she could care for her but dropped her back off at her house for the weekend because Gary was coming over to tend to her every need. Barbara told her to take it slow and not to rush getting back together with Gary.

When Gary came over, he told her he loved her and would take care of her. But when she asked him if they would get back together, he told her they would see how the weekend went and that they couldn’t be arguing.


Chelsea was stressed because she had to move, again, on top of going to school and trying to take care of Aubree. After spending some time at her mom’s looking for houses online, she went to class for her first haircut test. She was nervous and shaken but she did well scoring a 90%.

Later, Chelsea, Aubree, and a friend from school named Nic met with Chelsea’s mom to go look at a new house. Chelsea couldn’t decide if she liked the place or not because she felt so rushed to move. But more than anything, Chelsea just wanted to move out of Sioux Falls all together. She said she was sick of seeing Adam or constantly hearing about him from other people.

Her dad, Randy encouraged her to stay in Sioux Falls and finish school before moving away reminding her that the program she’s in is only one-year long. Chelsea cried and said she was frustrated and stressed and just didn’t like being there anymore.


Kailyn and Jo still hadn’t set up any appointments for their family counseling but she wasn’t too worried about it because she was out of school, she and Javi were getting along great, and she was spending more quality time with both him and Isaac.

The next day, while Isaac played in the kiddie pool, Kailyn told Javi she thought it was time he moved in. He agreed and admitted he’d been thinking about it too.

Later that week, Javi moved his things into Kailyn and Isaac’s house. They all seemed excited about the move, especially Kailyn, who said it felt like they were a family now. Then Kailyn and Javi discussed how they would split the bills. All she asked him to pick up the tab for was groceries and the electric bill.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you glad that Leah and Jeremy worked things out and got back together? Do you think things will work out between Kailyn and Javi? Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think.

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