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The Biggest Loser Blog: Gina McDonald Week Eleven

March 19, 2013 08:51 AM by Christine McDow

This is the week that sadly had to come. The week that SheKnows.com exclusive blogger, Gina McDonald, would be kicked off the ranch. It definitely did not happen without a good fight from the lady who had held the biggest loser title on the ranch for so many week, but got hurt her last week there. Read on to see what Gina McDonald had to say about going home.

Proof that we have achieved amazing weight loss goals, this challenge was a bit different than the “putting on the weight challenge” of past seasons. We found ourselves at a northern California ski resort, faced with pulling our weekly weight-loss up a snow-covered hill. The idea of this challenge is to first put on last week’s weight and work to the first week’s. For me, that meant putting back on a total of 82 pounds and pulling it uphill. We don’t have snow like this in Alabama! The challenge was fun and a culmination and acknowledgment of just how far each of us has come. We were all so proud to finish and celebrate our success.

Unfortunately, during the last workout, I was running at a speed of 10.5 at an incline of 12, and I go down. The result was a ruptured plantar fascia. This was not the best news knowing there will be a red and yellow line this week. I managed to do some of the workouts, doing various alterations of exercises.

Click here to read the rest of Gina McDonald’s account of her last week on the ranch.

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