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The Face Recap: Red Carpet Ready

March 20, 2013 04:32 AM by Donna W. Martin

On Tuesday night’s episode of Oxygen’s, The Face, airing at 9/8c, the remaining six models learned the importance of being a memorable ambassador before hitting the red carpet where they chatted with reporters, photographers, and fans. Who kept it together under pressure? And who stumbled? Take the jump to find out.

Test Shoot – What’s In Your Bag

This week’s test shoot was all about being a memorable ambassador when representing a brand. Each of the six remaining models were given a bag that contained an undisclosed personal item. One at a time, the models pulled their item from the bag and explained what it was and what it meant to them.

Some of the models had easier items than others. For example, Jocelyn had bunny slippers, Devyn had baby shoes, and Zi Lin had a hat. But Margaux had a pair of male boxer shorts and both Stephanie and Ebony had a condom.

Karolina judged the test shoot. She declared Zi Lin the winner saying she was sweet and endearing in her explanation. As the winner, Zi Lin received a designer bag valued at $2,000 courtesy of US Magazine.

Campaign – Red Carpet Event

The campaign was all about having the total package. Designer Guido Maria Kretshmer handpicked gowns for each of the models to wear to a red carpet event where they would talk with reporters, photographers, and fans. The guest judges were media journalist, William Norwich, and supermodel, Pat Cleveland.

Team Coco, Stephanie and Margaux were the first to arrive. After answering questions about Ulta Beauty and posing for photos, they made their way to the end of the red carpet where they were met by Wendy Williams. Margaux stumbled through the questions but assured Wendy she wanted to win the competition. Stephanie was engaging and said she had the drive and determination to win.

Team Naomi, Jocelyn and Zi Lin were next to arrive. Jocelyn was short when answering questions especially about her reality TV boyfriend and seemed to disappear into the background beside Zi Lin. On the other hand, Zi Lin was more confident but had trouble answering Wendy’s question about an Ulta Beauty eye shadow color.

Then Team Karolina, Devyn and Ebony arrived. Both models gave each other enough space, worked well together, and were very engaging. Devyn stumbled a bit on Wendy’s question “Is it hard to be a black girl model,” but she clarified her answer and was able to recover. And Ebony held up under fire when asked about having two children by two different fathers.

After the coaches and guest judges deliberated, Team Karolina, Devyn and Ebony were declared the winners of the campaign and were automatically through to the finale. Plus, they will receive a made to measure custom gown made by Guido Maria Kretshmer. Plus, Guido is going to fly them to Germany where they will open and close his show.

The following day, the four remaining models all went to the elimination room where Karolina had the task of choosing one model from Team Coco and one model from Team Naomi to send home.

Karolina talked to Team Naomi, Zi Lin and Jocelyn first. She spoke to Zi Lin about the eye shadow mishap and told that she had come across like she didn’t know what she was talking about and that was a problem when representing a brand.

She told Jocelyn her answers to Wendy’s questions were just a simple yes or no, which didn’t allow her personality to shine through. This left Karolina wondering if Jocelyn wanted to win as badly as her competitors.

Then Karolina talked to Team Coco, Margaux and Stephanie. She asked Margaux why she was better than Stephanie. Margaux explained saying Stephanie came to The Face to learn but she came to win.

Stephanie fired back admitting she had come into the competition wondering if she could win but said she definitely came to win. And she felt like she was the total package and had done a better job than Margaux.

Then Karolina made her decision. She chose to keep Margaux and Zi Lin, and sent Stephanie and Jocelyn home.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Face? Were you surprised by Karolina’s decision to send Stephanie and Jocelyn home? And who do you think is going to win the title and become the face of Ulta Beauty? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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Photo Credit: Oxygen

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