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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Soul Food Gets An Attitude Adjustment

March 22, 2013 06:30 PM by Megan Thompson


Kitchen Nightmares is all new tonight on Fox.  Tonight, Chef Ramsay makes a trip to Pittsburg to try to save a soul food restaurant.  Chef Ramsay finds no love or soul in Jean’s Southern Cuisine, but can he turn this sinking ship around?

This week, Chef Ramsay will be dealing with Jean and her restaurant – Jean’s Southern Cuisine.  Prior to opening a restaurant, Jean was a school teacher.  Now a days she finds herself serving over-cooked mac and cheese and crying because her restaurant is failing miserably.  All of Jean’s life-savings has been poured into the dying restaurant.  With nowhere else to turn to, she is hoping Chef Ramsay will save her dream. 

But when Jean meets with Gordon, she blames the problems on her staff not her food. Jean pleads with Gordon to help her and then breaks down in tears from all the stress. 

When Gordon enters the restaurant he is greeted by a dirty, shabby looking interior, with no people anywhere to be found.  The staff is way too busy smoking out back to deal with customers.  “Did you have a robbery last night?” Ramsay asks about the empty display cases.  A worker compares the space to a prison cafeteria; which I think is an insult to probably most prisons. 

Anyways, Chef Ramsay drags all the staff out and tells them that Ms. Jean blames them for the failing of the restaurant.  Of course, they aren’t taking the blame for her failure.  All the employees feel that it is Ms. Jean’s attitude that is sending customers running.  Is she a Mean Jean? So Gordon grabs Ms. Jean to find out what’s really going on.  “Yes, I do yell sometimes,” Jean angrily admits because her staff is always on their phones. 

It’s grub time, but when Gordon tries to order the food nothing on the menu is available.  After several attempts, he finally finds some things that are available.  The ribs are sent back by the Chef and Jean just feels he doesn’t know how to make soul food.  Next up is the microwaved Mac and Cheese which he comments is dreadful, really bad and cooked to hell! Last up is a pork chop that is so dried out,  he can stand it up on his plate. “I still stand by my food,” Jean tells the cameras.  It appears Jean is in denial about her cooking.

Chef Ramsay comes back to watch a dinner service to observe the staff and the food.  “This looks like I’m waiting for a root canal,” the chef jokes about the pathetic three red lobby chairs.  Back in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay can’t believe how unorganized everything is and how nasty the food is.  Complaints about the food are coming from every direction, but it’s no surprise since they are serving food from lunch.  This sends Ms. Jean into a rage about the restaurant going to hell and how she can’t continue to do this anymore. 

It’s a new day and Chef Ramsay sits Jean down with the staff to watch a movie.  The film is entitled Ms. Jean and it’s a movie starring employees and customers who Jean has pissed off.  A teary-eyed Ms. Jean says she is committed to changing her attitude.  Now it’s time to repair the damage that Ms. Jean has done.  Chef Ramsay has gathered a bunch of disgruntled customers in a room and Ms. Jean apologizes to all of them. 

It’s time to reveal the newly renovated Jean’s Soul Food Cuisine.  The prison cafeteria look-a-like has now been transformed into a homey and inviting space. Ms. Jean is overwhelmed and is ready to cook some food worthy of her new space. Chef Ramsay gives the staff a quick lesson in how soul food should look and taste.  “Chef Ramsay has proven me wrong about cooking,” Ms. Jean admits.

The doors of the newly renovated restaurant open and a crowd is waiting.  Even though food is flowing from the kitchen, the staff is breaking down from all the stress.  Chef Ramsay has to pull a server together before she walks out the door.  “It’s called busy,” Chef tells the server.  The guests love the new food and Jean is thrilled by the response. 

Chef Ramsay declares the opening a success and that “Ms. Mean has left the building.”  With a hug from Jean, Chef Ramsay is out the door and onto another kitchen nightmare.

What did you think of tonight’s show?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below. 

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